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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Throw Away Cut garden flowers and Leaves Arrangements Beauty out of waste Recycle cut flowers for decorating home

Every time you cut off or trim plants and flower stems they need not go waste but can be used creatively to make eye popping beautiful fragrant flower arrangements.
Colorful Bright Flower Arrangements
Over the years it was such a sad feeling to throw away the cut leaves and flowers and that too when each piece can spring up into a new life. 
Give them an increased life by using the cut flowers for decorating your home and office. Your cut flowers will also help to beautify your living space and add more value to your home energy.
While trimming plants cut a longer stem so that it can be used in your vases. Flowers also can be cut with a piece of three to four inch stem. Trim leaves from the flower stem for using in floral arrangement as leaves rot faster.  For keeping the floral arrangement fresh for longer time keep the trimmed stems and flowers in water container so that they soak up enough water to remain fresh for longer.

Important tip to keep your cut flowers fresh for longer time, keep changing the water everyday and add fresh water to keep the bouquet fresh for longer. Keep spraying water with sprinkler on tips of petals and leaves , they will remain fresh longer and look healthy.
Every time you plan to trim plants do not throw them in waste, put them in water and decorate your home space with fresh energy and great feng shui. Never keep rotten flowers or dried flowers at home and always throw them when the arrangement droops, this also works as fertilizer and making humus for your garden plants.

Eye popping flower arrangements can do wonders to dark gloomy corners of your room and bring a shot of color and energy. The same flowers and leaves can be used creatively to make fresh flower arrangement for your home or office.
Exotic Flowers Arrangement

Bunches of Happiness Cut Flowers in vase

Shevanthi flowers

Out of waste you can use every thing from your garden and use it to beautify your home. Recycle the plants that are trimmed and cut and instead of throwing them use them to beautify your space. What more event he dead rotten plants from your vases can go as humus for the growing plants and help as nutrition!
Using fragrant flowers will add a freshness to the home space and also bring an inviting positive Feng Shui energy of prosperity and good luck( never keep dead leaves flowers in vases, remove them immediately).
All the Best , Happy Gardening from Rizwana!

Monday, May 26, 2014

How to make your own flower arrangements and keep them fresh for long Tips

You can easily make unique beautiful flower arrangements with cut flowers right from your garden or loose flowers bought from the market and do away with the expensive bouquets available that range from Rs 500 to thousands of rupees. Ever wondered how flowers stand out and arrangements look firm and beautiful even after a day or two. Follow some simple guidelines.
Materials for flower arrangements-  You will need some twines, thin threads that are strong and wire mesh that holds the long flower stems in place for flower arrangements in a basket or vase. Satin or silk ribbons or colorful fluorescent  ribbons. Gelatin paper or gift wrapper if you wish to give the bouquet as present. A vase, tall or wide mouthed depending upon the type of garden flowers you have. Basket of straw matted( available in market )   if you are gifting this.
Dahlia Flower
Cut flowers early morning when they bloom fresh, and immediately put them in container with water. Start with wet sponge along with wire mesh in the basket and begin piercing flower stems in the wet sponge. Tall one side, or on one side or in centre. Now select small sized flowers and put them aside in circular arrangement or with any specific pattern you have in mind for the gift basket of flowers. Add some glamour by tying silk ribbons to the handle or soft thermocol beads, little glitter powder on the flowers. Wrap with colorful gift wrap paper if required. IMPORTANT- keep adding some water to keep the sponge wet , the flowers will last for a week. Gifting some one the bouquet , keep spraying some fresh water with sprinkler to keep the flowers fresh for longer.
Marigold Jhendu flowers

For the vase same procedure to be followed except you may not add sponge but direct water to fill up the pot. Here the flowers fall over the mouth of the vase and need no special tying or holding.
Important tip for flower arrangements in vases - Select long flower stems or small flowers depending upon the vase you have. Wide mouthed vase select small stems of roses , chrysanthemums or tube roses. Long tall vases go very well with longer stem flowers like rajni gandha, calla lilly, gladiolus and lily or Amaryllis flowers.
Canna Fowers
Important tip if you have small flowers growing  in your garden and you need to make one quick flower arrangement, and a tall vase,  trim the flowers with a longer stem, remove leaves and then use the stem for floral arrangements.
Wide mouthed vases are easy to arrange as loose chrysanthemums or roses or even rose flower petals can beautify the whole space and also add fragrance to the environment. Flowers can be used so beautifully and they are the best language to express emotions , always!
Fresh flower rangoli decoration at entrance
Thank You and Have a Creative Gardening Day!

Make your own Garden flowers arrangements show-stopping displays Unique flower gift bouquets

Garden flowers can be utilized to beautify our homes and gone are the days when mom used to pluck flowers and put them in glass bottles or vases and within a day they were dead and thrown away.  Make your flower arrangements shine, and present with show-stopping displays that will take our homes to the next level and also beautify the environment with fresh fragrances.  
You can now easily look up flower arrangements or photos of flower arrangements and bring up some unique displays for the next function or get together at home.  Learn how to create a beautiful floral arrangement for dinner with friends, family, colleagues or even the office party or just go along with making assembling a vibrant colorful fragrant  bouquet for brunch with friends.
And there are also a variety of ideas for floral arrangements and you can also go in for combo colorful ones with satin ribbons  that stand out as a centre table piece or welcoming arrangement at the main door.  
Car Decorated with flowers

Unique simple flower arrangement

Each one has a creative side which is never used to full capacity and we get so lost in daily activities and gardening that we fail to appreciate the bounty of nature we receive as gifts.  
Flowers from your own garden can be used in so many ways. Right from arranging large bouquets for tables or entrances you can also use just one , single stem to make a statement, you need not have any designer abilities or  learn professionally flower arrangements, it will just happen by trying out at home using different colored flowers at different occasions. 
Get the floral stylist in you out, be creative! All the Best from Rizwana! 
Thank You!

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