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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alexandrine Parrot care Exotic Birds and Photography tips new Guest Alexandrine Parakeet Auspicious Fruiting of Date Palm

Exotic Birds in our own surroundings , with thick bushy growth around we have a lot of beautiful exotic birds around and any bird lover would enjoy the early mornings and evenings among the chirpy environment. Another sick bird , actually fell from the sky! new Guest Alexandrine Parakeet who looked tired and sick maybe because of the heat. Excitement and wonder when he climbed over my shoulder and took entry into our home. The first bath was under the shower but the next days he never left my shoulder bathed sitting over under the shower. He must have been scared and hence was clinging for safety.
Fully loaded with fruits Date Palm

Male Alexandrine parakeet  This is where my son found him
Welcome to our home Bathing of Alexandrine parakeet

Exotic bird in black with white stripes
 Awe struck with beauty in nature, so detailed artwork of colorful birds right near us. The thick growth surrounding is a haven for exotic birds, and I was surprised to see the beautiful colors. Red vibrant shiny with black small bird looking for nectar on the canna flower. Another black with white stripes , the exotic blue bird with brownish maroon stripes and many pairs of tiny colorful birds.So only a few visit our terrace from all these like the green bee eater. 
Red Black exotic bird seeking nectar on canna flower
Tips for photographing birds-
1) If you love to photograph birds get a professional camera, so that you can zoom and click. The tiny birds would not let us near.
2) Early mornings best time, they come out of their nests for feeding.
3) Make no noise, as silent as possible as you scare them and then they never come back. Make slow movements and wear quiet footwear.
4) Interiors are best parts to find  exotic birds as they keep away from human habitat. and love natural environment.
5) very important while looking out for birds there might also be some one else close by looking at you! chameleons, snakes and other creatures insects may be everywhere be very careful, wear protected clothing and cover your feet with thick soled shoes.
6) If you are going to locations in interiors of jungles or trekking mountain trips for bird watching  carry your own water and food as there might just not be anything for miles around such places. Also some mosquito repellent and antiseptic creams. Start early and begin the return journey by early afternoon as the interiors of jungles start getting dark soon.
Fan Shaped Head Chameleon red over the bark watching over my head
Chameleon in garden

I am happy with the alphonso mango!

ruffled after the bath Alexandrine Parakeet

enjoying  the early morning and evening time in the terrace garden
So the few days gone by in taking care, feeding, bathing and of course parakeets are very much demanding with him clinging like a small child always on my shoulder or my head! The best part was feeling totally loved and full attention, these parakeets are very friendly and also do not bite, so I enjoyed the pampering and attention while he showered so much love on me. As he was in a frizzled condition the little food that he had ,fresh fruits and water he looked great and on the third day with his loud calls of confidence he flew . We did not keep him in cage and he was happy on the chair perch and the garden chair. He got the window grills to play around and of course parakeets need to be kept occupied so anyone thinking of keeping them as pets always remember that they need to have something to chew on continuously or they will go in for any wires, wood or plastic pieces around the home.Wooden toys are best but pens and pencils are their favorite as they get a grip to hold them. At home after this one being our third I offered him beans , peas pods, lady fingers (they love big seeded ones). Fruits that are juicy are also loved and even the mangoes with bright sweet taste go well. You can also offer them dry fruits especially almonds. This fellow was not fussy on food and was more interested in spending time with me!
The fruiting of date palm takes place in few years usually after four to five years in mature plants. One thing is sure that you get loads of fruits on a single palm tree. The date fruits first appear as bunches of yellow fruits that are some what tangy and apple like flavor textured fruits. Then they turn yellow and finally if left on plants they turn brownish golden color. The fruit can also be eaten when not fully dry as yellow mushy fruits are also loved.
This tree is home to thousands of sparrows and exotic birds as they are protected in the spiky leaves of the plant .
The Alexandrine parakeet felt great and confident and flew , wishing him loads of happiness and great health, though there is a part of emptiness every time some bird leaves but birds are born free! Hope he does visits sometime! they are quite intelligent birds and remember forever!
Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!

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