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Friday, May 9, 2014

The first blooms of the season the Gulmohar Tree in Container How to Make natural colors with flowers

First buds after four years on gulmohar tree growing in container
 Immense happiness and color in the garden, with so many uses of gulmohar flowers hardly do they compare to its beauty, the flowers of gulmohar are extremely beautiful, unique and vibrant color of red and orange. A master piece of God each petal finely painted and shaded into a most beautiful floral art. Nature is beautiful!
The first opening of flowers as early sunrise couldn't help but capture how carefully , silently the buds burst into life of color, coloring the whole garden and uplifting the energy instantly!
 Gulmohar flowers can be used to make natural dyes and colors instead of letting them go waste. when mixed with turmeric produces golden yellow colour. They produce a olive green with alum. Natural dyes can be used to color cottons and silks as research indicates. Holi natural colors can be got by making a paste of gulmohar flowers to get yellow.
Dry gulmohar flowers well and grind them for a red color add any type of flour and enjoy a safe holi!
For getting wet color soak gulmohar flowers in water over night , use this directly or diluted  red color, which is natural , healthy for your hair and skin and also  ecofriendly.
Gulmohar tree Flame of the Forrest Buds

Bunch of gulmohar flower / flame of the forest buds close up

Juhi flowers white fragrant
 Enjoying the fragrant blooms of night jasmine Juhi flowers, pleasantly heavenly fragrances out of this world! the fragrances top maximum when opening fresh during early night and gradually become less after the next day by exposure to sun.
Hevanely fragrance of Juhi Jasmine flowers

Buds on Night blooming Jasmine Plant

Petal of Gulmohar flower

First opening of blooms of gulmohar flowers

Bright orangish vermillon red gulmohar flowers opening

Blooms of flame of the forest Gulmohar in Container
 The first blooms on gulmohar tree had come after five years and this next gift has come after four years, the tree needs to be fertilized by honey bees to give blooms, and lately some were seen visiting the tree, as the tree goes bald before blooming it is a great burst of life with a riot of colors! maybe the next times will be sooner!
Till then enjoying the red vibrant beautiful shower of flowers!
Opening of gulmohar flowers close up
Have a Great Colorful Happy Day!
Thank You!All the Best!
an abstract  painting inspired by the colors of gulmohar "Celebration"


  1. Hello Ma'am
    how old is your Gulmohar tree and when they start to bloom ?

    I have grown a few gulmohars from seeds.
    they are really fast growing plants.

    and I am trying to grow some jacarandas as well but no success so far in germination.

    Happy growing !


  2. Jas, this is so great that you also love Gulmohar trees, I love the vibrant vermillon red flowers shower.
    Our tree also grew so fast and started growing taller very soon but flowering took place only after a wait of five years, this year it is blooming for the second time after four years.
    Jacarandas is so lovely, lilac flowers , are the seeds dry enough, most seeds grow well when exposed to sunlight for a day or so. I am trying to grow musk melon and water melon at present , never tried, first time...
    All the Best from Rizwana, keep sharing!

    1. Very Nice Artwork
      It's great fun to grow your own veges/fruits

      Hope you will keep on updating us with the progress of
      your fruits as they grow !

      - Jas

    2. Thank you so much Anonymous for the lovely comment, of course I love to share about my passion on gardening, Take Care and God Bless from Rizwana!


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