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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Peace Lily Flowering Tips Finally got a Javed Habib Haircut! Our Peace Lily had to be trimmed How to control Diseases and pests in your plants tips

Trimmed leaves of peace lily, the Javed Habib hair cut
 Finally got a Javed Habib hair cut!so the fungus growth has been going on and on for months and with all the bathings, washings, and even past winter the white fungus seems to have made a home on both the healthy plants of peace lily. The white fungus is very dangerous for health of the plant and for us.
White ring like patches come on underside of the leaves and even when the plant looks healthy from above with blooms the fungus keeps spreading to all leaves and even to other plants. Took a lot of effort to take this step as there were a lot of blooms on both the plant which were looking so heavenly. So finally the hair cut! shocked!  the plant has come up with fresh green healthy leaves!
Red Ants in Plant containers
Most common problems in summers come up with red ants and usually they take over the whole garden if left unattended. they eat up the roots and make the soil porous and as the soil leaves the pots the plants begin to die.  Check on time, apply ant powders and chalks, the laxman rekha still comes to rescue as this is very effective to control red ants in garden. Put the lining over the top side of containers and rims of containers, depending upon the severity of ants I also apply some over the soil and ends of the plants near the visible roots that come in contact with soil.
Never apply too much of any pest control solutions as they destroy the plants when in over dose. Wash off with water thoroughly in case the plant seems to show signs of distress.
Plant covered with green cooling material for plant protection
The strong heat is beneficial for flowering and as the garden is blooming at its beautiful best with summer colorful blooms and fragrant ones the top parts are getting scorched and we decided to give them a bit of respite from the heat.  Cool green cloth, synthetic material is great and also quite cheap for protecting garden plants.
Pair of Peace lily plants with the Neat Hair cut

New leaves in peace lily plant

Healthy peace lily plant with lots of blooms

Heavenly white beauty The peace lily flower close up

Angelic white flowers peace lily
Angelic white flowers at its best glowing with health, the peace lily plant has been proved scientifically as great air purifiers and one to spread happiness and peace and is thus seen in many offices and contemporary homes. But never has the fungus part even been mentioned to me and these pair have been growing since many years,  quite old with us and are used to my treatments, the Javed Habib Hair Cut! though it is always the last resort!
Thank You.
All the Best,  Take Care and God Bless from Rizwana!
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