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Friday, December 26, 2014

Flower Rose Garden Munnar Flower Show Exotic Kerala Exotic Flowers in kerala

Exotic Japanese Flower


Euphorbia Milli 

Beautiful exotic

Huge Flowers

Flower Garden Munnar Kerala

Cactus Plants

Purple Exotic Flower

Exotic Peach Blossoms

Yellow Crocus

Unique Flowers
 Back with exotic flowering plant seeds, bulbs of flowering plants and of course some new additions to the family! Meanwhile back home the white tree is full of tiny white leaves/ that look like flowers, as if snow in our garden. and am waiting to see the exotic blooms of onion bulb that luckily cam alogn with onions from market and on seeing a tiny green shoot coming out I just impulsively gave it a home, and it seems to be happily growing fast!new life,
Orchid Plants
Onion Bulb growing happily
Wishing Everyone a Great New Year 2015 from Rizwana
Thank you to all my Blog readers, plant lovers who have shared their beautiful plants photographs, Gardening tips and experiences, and all those who are passionate about gardening!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year Ahead!
Lets bring the New year with more adding to the family of gardeners, and more of greenery and color  all around!As I had shared in January  this year the exhibition of plants in Thane, so in December the Annual Horticulture fair, the exhibition of Plants Kerala, Alleppey till 28th December 2014, if you are in Kerala or nearby must visit!  sharing in next post!
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana! Happy Gardening! Like, comment, share for the love of Gardening! do come by Face book group Garden Care Simplified!
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Munnar Spices Garden Kerala Herbs and Spices Garden Coffee Plant Nutmeg Zaiphal and Cocoa Plant

Coffee Plant
 A Must visit,  Exotic Herbs and Spices Garden Munnar, Kerala. Right from Daily used herbs and spices like coriander and Cardamom we have exotic cocoa beans plant, coffee plant and even All spices plant, and the guide sure explains you in detail about each one!
 and we have green and red and black peppers at different stages of spiciness ! Enjoy!
Raw Green Coffee pods

Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods on plant

Coffee seeds in one pod

White flowers on Coffee Plant

Nutmeg Tree Zaiphal Tree with fruits

Nutmeg Zaiphal fruit inside
 Real treat as we never get to see such plants here in Mumbai!
Soft mushy fruit has the exotic herb Zaiphal Nutmeg Hard seed
Cocoa Plant

Anjir fruits Plant
Coming in  next post Never knew cardamom grow like trailing beads on the ground floating from the stem and the Exotic Rudraksha Tree!
Green Pepper Spices Plant
God Bless from Rizwana!

Enchanting Kerala Munnar Tea Plantations and Exotic Flowers

Munnar Valleys Kerala

Red Exotic Anthuriums

Red Vibrant Poinsettia flowers, Christmas tree plants everywhere in Munnar Kerala

Yellow exotic Flowers

Cheerful Sunflower

Purple Exotic Flower

Tea Plantations Valleys of Munnar Kerala
 So while the dream destination of Cochin, fulfilled, Kerala, and the lovely vast Back waters, the place is full of exotic flowers and was a real treat during the awesum winters! the obsessed gardener has attracted once again some more to the family, so while we have a few more plants and exotic flower seeds, bulbs added right all the way from kerala, was unexpectedly surprised with this gift, sharing some exciting pics of flower show in Kerala and Spices Garden in Munnar next!
Eucalyptus Trees Kerala
Have a Merry Christmas a a Very Very Happy New Year Ahead! God Bless from Rizwana!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nilgiri Fragrance in your garden, Lantana Colorful Flower Plants Care and Growing Tips

Nilgiri Fragrance in your garden, yes these are Lantana Colorful Flower  Plants. Easy growing and give out fragrant blooms, smell like nilgiri, eucalyptus , Lantana plants are not a native of India and have migrated here.
Fragrant Vibrant Red Colored Lantana flower Plant

Pink White Shading Colored Lantana flower Plant

Lantana plants have colourful flowers and the colours range from clear yellow, white to reds and oranges. I love the many shaded variety growing where the plant flowers into two colors.  The centre of the bunch is different colour and the outer layer of flowers are different. Nature is beautiful!
Yellow Red Shaded Colored Lantana flower Plant

 The lantana flowers are a work of fine art and beauty,  on closer inspection we can see that the whole flower is made up of tiny small flowers. When we touch them the tiny flowers fall and can be closely observed . The blooms are very delicate though they remain on the plant for long. The small flowers are very fragrant and the fragrance is woody and strong. When planted in groups the lantana fragrance can be felt from far away. Fragrance also feels like the Eucalyptus trees, and often the fragrance is confused with eucalyptus or nilgiri plants. The leaves are sharp and have a rough surface. Maybe there are tiny spikes on the surface of the leaves. So sharp are the leaves edges that we can accidentally cut our skin by rubbing with them to feel them or touch them.
Yellow Colored Lantana flower Plant
 Lantana plants grow in cooler climates though they require sunlight in measured quantities. Care of lantana plants is very easy and the plants grow very fast. They need to be trimmed regularly to maintain their shape as a bush and also to encourage more flowering. Watering care is requried as the lantana plants do not require much water and with over watering may die.
 Another most important care is that the lantana plants are prone to white aphids and fungus attacks. I have lost many plants due to this pest. As the plants can grow in full sunlight the best place would be to grow it under direct sunlight, this will some what also help to control the plant disease. Giving the plant a  thorough wash and shower also helps temporarily to treat the plant disease.
The fragrance of lantana flowers is great and will enliven the whole atmosphere. The lantana plants are mostly selected because of the great colourful show they give when laden with blooms. The lantana flowers are a unique pattern of small flowers growing in a bunch together. They look almost like a big shaded flower but only on closer look we can see the tiny bunch of small flowers. The flowers are available in many colours and shades. White with cream, pink with yellow, red with orange or yellow, and sometimes even three colours together.
The lantana plants have survived less water and direct sunlight and on outskirts and roads near  Bangalore, Ooty and many other hill stations where these fragrant lantana plants are growing like crazy have adapted tot eh climate well and give out profuse colorful fragrant blooms.  The survival of these plants have made them a good choice by many gardeners and also their beautiful fragrant blooms are another attraction. Lantana plants grown as central point in any landscape are great colorful displayers. And these plants are also  selected for borders and dividers in many garden landscapes. Growing Lantana in container in your garden take care to prevent contact with direct skin and also children and pets around see that they do not touch the leaves or eat the flowers.
If planted in large quantities the whole environment spreads the fragrance like wild, brings a feeling of being close to nature.Love Nilgiri eucalyptus oils, fragrance, plant Lantanas!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Grow Good orange fruit plant in container some practical tips for growing orange fruit feng shui wealth plant in container

Really good orange fruit plant grown in container , awesum sight!
Orange plants, the best wealth and money attracting feng shui plants have been grown in many homes and also seen at entrances of offices.  Oranges have been a favorite fruit for many due to its beautiful orange colour and the citrus fragrance. The orange fruit can be used in total as for juice and the cover skin , orange peel is used as flavorings for cakes and pastries. Great on vitamins and minerals the orange fruit juice is rejuvenating, refreshing as well as good mask and toner  for facial skin.
Orange Juicy Fruit on orange plant
Even though many people buy orange feng shui plants with fruits most have the complaint that they never fruit after this. Some how people start feeling low about the feng shui of their space, and it also works to the psychology of your brain.
So decided to share a few important practical  tips for growing healthy feng shui orange plants.

Orange plant flowers

From the green leaves after a few years, (ours began from six months) the plant breaks into tiny off white buds,  the fragrance is what made me go near and smell them, actually it is a wonderfully refreshing citrus one.  Loaded with white fragrant flowers, the flowers fall  off , drop their white petals, leaving behind a small center of green bud like fruit. This lucky small fruit, orange fruits grows in size and looks almost like a green lemon. Gradually it grows in size and is a lovely shade of dark green color.

Citrus fragrance of orange fruit plant flowers

Sitting near the orange plant in the evenings is a bliss as the citrus smell is everywhere. Scientifically it has also been proved that orange flowers are very good for migraines and anxiety as well as depression patients. The fragrance is truly of some citrus origin and it really uplifts your mood. A dose of citrus perfume in your own house, the freshness of the orange fruit and the hope of new juicy fruits all is enough motivation to grow the orange plant. Though we have a terrace garden and it is difficult to grow fruits in containers the orange fruit plant is easily grown and also does not require much care. The butterflies have a favorite fascination for this plant to lay larvae and the young caterpillars feed on the leaves( sometimes leaving the plant barren!).
Want a Really good orange fruit plant grown in container:  
1) As soon as the plant begins growing tall thick stem, about five to six inches,  snip little tip of it. 
2) Cutting the extra stems on the orange fruit plant will encourage more and healthy big fruits on the plant. 
3)Fertilize the orange plant as soon as winter ends so that the nutrients are absorbed before the onset of fruits and as spring ,sunlight, sets in the beautiful orange plant blossoms into a beautiful fully loaded with white flower tree. 
4)  After the orange fruit plant has begun flowering do not disturb the plant in any from except watering regularly. Personally I have seen that after flowering if you add feeds (greed to have large sized orange fruits!) the fruits drop off.
5) Never let the orange plant go dry in times of flowering and fruiting, though this is is a sturdy plant and can bear some time off, with a few skipped waterings.
6) Allowing the fruits to turn orange on plant itself is great to get natural taste but the birds surely find all the fruits first and gorge on them!
7) Large sized fruits also cling well to the orange plant, these are tough ones, but if your orange plant is weak/ diseased only then will they drop off fruits even when not ripe.
8) Most important tip which people often never think off, this is a fruiting and flowering plant, grows best under full sunlight.  Even though you may have bought it  for feng shui reasons please  it need some amount of direct sunlight to flower and fruit.
The juicy orange fruits on the orange plant are a welcome sight for everybody and even on touching the fruits the fragrant smell of oranges is in the air. And the best part is to enjoy a cool orange drink in the hot summer afternoon, nothing like orange juice to beat the heat!
Do share your experiences with growing feng shui orange plants and if you have had any problems in them fruiting, or maybe it has blessed you with loads of blooms, or it is just growing and growing and no signs of fruiting! maybe I can help.
Thank you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easy practical Home Composting Tips and How to make your own compost from home left overs recycling for healthy blooms

Composting one of the easiest ways to nourish your plant soils and also in return get healthy and large sized blooms. One of our precious readers brought up this important topic which I have been using since years but never gave a second  thought.
Composting is now made very easy with ready made composting bins, wired meshes and compost tumblers and dividing special areas for preparing compost. In one of the societies who are proud growers of vegetables and fruits, container gardening on terrace,  boast of making their own compost. Then there are many who have land dig up a pit and make their own compost.
What is compost? it is a fertilizer, your plant food made from left overs from your home. healthy bacteria work in the garbage and make it nourishing.
How does compost benefit?  its like an healthy tasty ice cream for plants, tonic and mood uplifter, they love the nutrients and vitamins and texture, when added in proper timings give out healthy blooms.
What I have been doing since years is adding left overs recycling from garden and many home ingredients that go to waste. The only risk is that it attracts rats, ants,  and hungry birds!But the strong sunlight does great wonders to this compost. Also add some paper, burn some paper and add ashes, great tip!
But plants really love the feeds and especially roses give out large sized blooms.
Healthy rich soil 
Over the years container soil becomes life less just like being used over and over it is unable to give out any more nourishment. Result, plant looks life less and struggles to survive, may also die off. Some plants in the same soil / container for years cease to give out blooms. Then the soil within every few months becomes hard with regular watering and needs nourishment.
Hard soil makes the roots dry and less and less water reaches to the bottom of the soil, as the soil loses its porous well draining nature.
soil with compost looks blackish and humid, does not dry fast
Mulch is very important to nourish the soil in containers and rotating plants is a must for maintaining a healthy soil. Try throwing some cereals and pulses in the container soil, they will grow for some time and nourish  the soil. Try to repot the plants within few years to give them new rich soil or at least dig up the soil and add rich compost.
Over grown roots while re-potting cut some these also act as compost
If you stay in an apartment and do not have open space, try out ready composting bins to make compost in home. Remember it is going to be a smelly journey making compost at home but the results will bear great fruits. Sunlight is essential to maintain humidity, if the compost bin is dry it will not make the required compost as bacteria will not be able to thrive in.
Use gloves and stick while turning while adding things for compost
Right moisture, direct sunlight and covered bins give out great quality compost.
Composting Bins on  for sale
Recycling garbage and wastes from your home for better use will also reduce the harmful effects on the environment. In fact many gardeners who share this passion have their own vegetable farms where they make their own compost by adding earthworms, and garbage along with soil which produces a more better mulch and healthy compost.
dried flowers and leaves act as great fertilizer
Once you learn the trick of making your own compost you will not need packed fertilizers from plant nurseries to see some great blooms!
Right Compost in pots usually gives out mushrooms of various types usually non edible
Please try this at your own risk and proper understanding of how to make compost,how it works,  as if it goes wrong you may risk losing your precious ones. You can buy ready compost bins or compost tumblers that are designed to work for best compost and you also get advice on home to make your own compost along with a ready packet of mixture ( beneficial bacteria black high in humidity grainy soil)  that is to be added to your home left overs for fast processing. In apartments remember to keep the compost bins in windows where it receives sunlight and also the smell does not interfere with your home air.
Some plants that love mulch and compost!
Big sized roses
Fragrant Mogra and Jasmine flowers
Have a Fragrant Day!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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