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Shevanti Plant Chrysanthemums Growing and Flowering Tips Symbolism of Shevanti Flowers

Chrysanthemum morifolium,  Shevanthi  Plant which we are all familiar with  , and whose lovely petalled flowers look beautiful and spread a unique pure fragrance.
Orange Shevanti Flower Plant

Shevanti flowers, beautiful, fragrant, colorful, which we have seen since childhood, the traditional veni, hair decoration flower garlands made from these pretty yellow and orange shevanti flowers brings back so many happy memories.
The traditional veni with yellow shevanti flowers with added at intervals majenta pink small button shaped flower.
Winter and yellow brings cheer, shevanti flowers, bright yellow, orange and reddish shaded orange look very pretty against the chilly winter nights. Not only do the flowers glow but also emit a serene natural fragrance. One of God’s wonders the chrysanthemum flowers are fine detailed work of God. With the colors they are available in the fine petals laid one over the other and forming a complete whole heavy laded flowers with beautiful shapely oval leaf petals.
The chrysanthemums grow in bunches of small buds appearing and as the flowers open give it a feeling and appearance of a gift bouquet of flowers.
The name Shevanti is very auspicious and means a  flower.  It is a female name.

Shevanti flowers have great religious symbolism the orange and yellow flowers  are often used as garlands and offerings in pujas and temples. There is no religious function of ritual complete without the shevanti flowers and they form a prominent part of all  celebrations. Frames and God idols  are always decorated with the yellow orange flowers. and Garlands for Frames of Gods have this flower in prominence.
Small Baby puppy on the road 
clicked this small puppy on the chilly winter morning, mommy no where  to be seen the baby was squeaking with tiny groans,  which would stop when I stroked its body! little fellows are very smart!and cute!
 meanwhile the baby fishes are also enjoying the new life in the small glass bowl, born 9th of this month.  we lost a  few, maybe this is natures way , survival of the fittest, hence fishes lay eggs in large numbers. maybe only the fittest survive.
Baby Fishes  in Bowl
Yellow Color Shevanti Flowering Plant

Close up   of Shevanti Flower

Goldie Love Bird
 As for the love birds, among the four, I have to mention Goldie loves everything yellow so he would love the shevanti  flowers! he is attracted to yellow, touch wood, loves  cooked khichdi, yellow dal rice and yellow ring for sleeping!

Shevanti plants require some care, as they attract pests in form of fungus, mites and white flies in winter. Growing the plant in full sun will increase  its life. As more pests are attracted with plants grown in shaded areas which receive very little direct sunlight.
The chrysanthemum  plant grows as a bush, and is loaded with flowers. The main care it requires is to select a proper place for growth. A place where the plant receives full sunlight is great, but partial sunlight is also good.
We have lost beautiful colorful unique chrysanthemum plants due to pigeons and birds plucking and eating off  the blooms. I think the flowers are tasty and especially the new buds.
These plants look very good in containers as well as land as borders or central arrangement in garden landscapes.
The flowering plant grows from sides sending off roots along side and baby plants grow in the same pot along side of the parent plant, that may die off after a certain time period. 
Requires regular watering and measured watering as root rot is very common as also root fungus on this shevanti plant.
Trimming the plant after flowering helps the plant to grow in shape and flower more.
Usually people buy shevanti chrysanthemum flowers in whole sale  flower  markets, yellow and orange, by weight,  to make at home garlands, venis, decorations during festivals.  
This is a great way to add colors in the garden, chilly winters and cheery yellow orange blooms,  and enjoy the fragrant blooms!
Floral Art Raz

Wish you a Merry Christmas and  a Very Very Happy Prosperous New Year Ahead!
Happy Gardening!

All the Best!

Celebrate Christmas New Year with your Own Christmas Tree 6 Decorating Precautions for Real Christmas Tree Plant

 Celebrate Christmas New Year with your Own Christmas Tree, how nice to have your own grown Christmas tree and decorate this plant for the festival. Christmas tree plants have always been a favorite among gardeners not just for their symbolic festive spirits but also for their unique leaves and beautiful shape. Assuming   that many of us  have already planted a Christmas tree well in advance we are all set to decorate our plants with lights and colorful decorations  without considering the  health of your christmas  tree.
Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Growing in Container

Christmas Celebrations Tree

Beautiful  leaves of Christmas Tree Close Up
 here I share a few simple precautions to be taken while decorating your own grown Christmas tree plant in container.
 Decorating Precautions for Real own grown  Christmas Tree Plant in container-
1) Assuming you have grown a Christmas tree in container it will be needed to be carried indoors for the festival celebrations. The plant may have adapted to the climate outdoors and sunlight and warmth it receives outdoors will not be present indoors, especially when you will be busy with the festival decorations and guests. Many times Christmas tree plants die off after the festival or are sick   and dried.  You can avoid this by taking the Christmas tree  indoors on the same day or previous day  of the festival.
2) If you need  to decorate the tree use small ornaments instead of heavy weight ones to put less burden on the plant.
Christmas Tree  Ornaments and decorations
Big Christmas Tree Growing  Land In Garden
3) You can also place the christmas tree plant container near the window where it can receive partial sunlight for the day. Something is better than nothing. Another option would be to keep the tree near a  light source but not touching the light. This will also provide sufficient artificial   light for the tree to be living if not very happy.
4) Minimize the stress and trauma for your christmas tree plant by keeping the soil moist and never forgetting to water. You may add stones or  rocks for the time of guests and festival celebrations to prevent soil exposure and evaporation of water.
5) Try to minimize electric lights and wires as the plant container may have water or be wet. Colorful balls and ribbons also do the same wonders as also beautiful  fluorescent ribbons  and ornaments. In case you have lights ribbons installed, keep them small sized, with light heat bulbs only.
Light weight Christmas tree Decorations
6) Many people uproot Christmas trees grown on land in their garden and use them for the festival celebrations. Many times the trees die of trauma and shift. If you are uprooting prevent roots breakage to minimum and plant in large sized container. Better would be to   plant the tree before hand a  month in advance so  that the tree gets adjusted to the container.
Its Christmas for you and for your wonderful garden plants.
Leaves of Christmas Tree
You can enjoy the Christmas  in your garden for a change! Have the celebrations indoors and let the decorated tree with ornaments be out as in its natural environment. Your Christmas tree will also have a  Merry Christmas and thank you!
Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New Year! Happy gardening!

How to Buy a Best Gift Plant this holiday season simple tips for selecting plants for gifting

The Best Gift a Plant this holiday season,  why not gift nature this beautiful season and spread happiness and cheer with good health. Gifting a plant has become so easy with many online websites of plant nurseries who  wills end you gift to the recepient on time.Receiver of this small part of living nature will brighten, soothe your relationships and help to spread some more positive energy for the mother earth.
simple tips for  selecting plants for gifting when buying from nurseries or online plant nursery websites-
Two White Flowers Gifting Plant from Online Plant Nursery Tips

Vibrant colorful  petunias for colder climates seasonal plants
1)When you are out to buy a plant for gifting take a proper look at the color of leaves, insect signs or whimpering or droopy leaves,select a healthy plant only. The recipient will take some time to get adjusted with water routine of the new gifted plant.
2)  Be sure you  buy from a reputed online plant nursery website only. Yes there are many sites which sell similar naming plants or weaker plants that look great when received but do not grow well alter on. This is the worst part when someone receives a gift and can not , or is not able to care for it. Thus many times  people who you  have gifted plants start avoiding you in fear that you may ask about the plant growth! A good plant has strong root system and can adapt to changes in environment.
3) Be very sure the plant for gifting is an easy grower only. The receiver, friend, colleague or boss, may not have a green thumb or much interest in gardening, so it is best that you select a simple foliage plant colorful leaves that grows with very little care.  Two things can happen here, if the gifted plant grows well you may bring some more interest and confidence in the newbie gardener and who knows they may end  up in growing a garden!
The down side, if the gifted plant does not grow well, they will loose interest and motivation to go ahead with buying other plants.
Easy growing plant Good Luck Plant for all Climates

Easy growing Best  Gift Plant  Amaryllis for Cold  and warm temperature Countries

Purple hearts Best Gift plant easy growing  less watering and care
4) Where do you wish to send the gifted plant is very very important. The climatic conditions of the receiver of your gift, the seasonal changes and the temperatures  all will have an effect on the choice of your plant for gifting. Very extreme temperature countries , like very cold or very hot or very humid, all affects the growth of plant  and selecting a plant that can adapt to the climate of the receiver  of your gifted plant is a better choice.
5) Always, always provide some information on care of the gifted plant. This no one ever does! A good plant  nursery website when sending a gift plant always will  provide information on caring for the plant. Little bit of advice to placement, watering and feeding will help the receiver of the gifted plant to welcome this gift, otherwise the receiver if has no knowledge about plants may not know how to care well for the gifted plant.
In case you are personally gifting a plant, you can have some sharing of simple caring tips and watering of the gifted  plant.
A green gift is the best today as you are gifting a part of nature, the best for attracting good luck, prosperity and wealth along with  inviting great health, plants are great energy boosters, natural air purifiers and a small plant is enough to brighten up your day!
As the plant grows so will you life!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care simplified! Like, comment, share!
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How to Use Cowdung in gardening and Tips for effective Use of Cowdung for Plants

How to Use Cowdung in gardening ? since olden times  we have heard that adding cowdung helps the plants to grow healthy and give good flowers and fruits.In city life we  hardly come in contact with cowdung and what is available is ready mixes which are packed in plastic packets and this is all we  get to give nourishment to our  plants.
Here I share How to use cowdung  as a fertilizer and Tips for effective Use of Cowdung for Plants,
Cowdung use in growing plants, can help to provide all the nutrients needed for healthy growth of your plants and greens. 
Adding some dried cowdung in the soil while planting will give a boost to the growth of your new plant and also help in flowering or fruiting faster.
Fertilzer cowdung use in gardening, till date is the best fertiliser for all types of plants, vegetables ,fruits and flowering plants.

How to use cowdung for flowering plants:-
Cowdung, does have a very very strong smell when wet! if you can tolerate this then it will work wonders to any plant.
1) Always use dried cowdung only for plants grown in containers in homes or terrace  gardens. Unlike farms and open fields where fresh cowdung is added, as there is exposure to direct sunlight we do not get the same in cities. In case  you have a  diary or cowshed nearby it will be easy to get fresh cowdung but the process is too tedious. The fresh cowdung also may contain germs and insects, worms, (done all this, therefore sharing! what gardening has made  me do I would never dream of doing otherwise ever) always collect fresh/dried  cowdung with gloves.
Take extra precautions for diseases and flies near fresh cowdung. Best to get some dried cowdung, but if you can't and have fresh cowdung, select a thick plastic container or sheet and spread the fresh cowdung in full sunlight too dry off soon.  Be ware it will emit foul smell and gases in process of drying off. Keep it away from children, pets and senior people. Cowdung needs to be dried off well to be added to home plants.
2) Drying off of fresh cowdung takes from fifteen to thirty days depending upon the exposure of direct sunlight. So better avoid drying of cowdung in rainy season.  It will start stinking and the whole environment will stink.
3) Once the cowdung has dried well, remember to break the chunks of cowdung again to fine pieces till it gets dried well.
4) This dried cowdung can be added with a little soil mixed or just by itself to flowering plants and vegetables and trees. Break pieces of fertilizer  and add to plants every six months or  once a year, depending upon the plant type and individual  requirements.
5) Cowdung is the best natural fertilzer till date and always proved to give results within few days! Though now we get some ready mixes with calculated proportions of nutrients to help the plant bloom faster, minus the smell!
Every gardener loves to get good blooms but do take precautions before bringing fresh cowdung home.What happens when you add fresh cowdung? the whole place  begins too stink and even in full sunlight the process  is quite slow.  There are also chances of any disease spreading due to flies and other insects seen near the cowdung.Plants may get a heavy dose of  fertilser which may not always be good.
Another very important thing is that fresh cowdung clogs the soil after few waterings and soon the whole   plant may die off if not cared for.
If not sure of how much fertilizer to add,  always use sparingly. It is better to add less  fertilizer  than kill the plant with over dose.
Add cowdung in small qualities with other fertilizers once a way is the best option today for container gardening at home.
You will never be left empty after a feeding of dried cowdung and your plant will give you good returns in form of healthy big sized blooms. I would  say from gardening experience that it is worth the effort. 
With the year 2013 coming to an end  I wish all my readers HAPPY Gardening! with roses and many flowering plants growing in full swing in this winter, I still  love to keep our garden in proper shape and neat, with so much color and fragrances, I wish it blooms better and may i add (squeeze, hardly any space left)  some more unique plants to our family, this year there have been a few losses and a few new additions, part of gardening.
am wishing everyone a great  life ahead!
Red Rose Flower in Garden
Thank you for coming by Garden care Simplified,  reading  and sharing my posts and commenting and   connecting,  so much on our best companions and friends , our plants,  All the Best!
Happy Gardening

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Hibiscus Calliphyllus Flower Plant Symbolism Uses Tips and Care

Red Hibiscus Flower on Plant
Hibiscus calliphyllus flowers  plants have always been in homes as of symbolic religious importance in Hinduism as these flowers are used as offerings for Lord Ganesh and Goddess Kali. The Goddess is always seen  adorning the red hibiscus flower and hence this has lots of religious sanctity and value in Hinduism.  There are so many varieties of hibiscus flowering plants, each flower unique and found in lovely colors and shaded varieties.
The red hibiscus flowers full of vibrant energy symbolise passion, desire and love and often a symbol of fertility. It symbolises outstanding beauty and love.

Flowers are large conspicuous and very attractive. Five petalled, four petalled and many colors have been with us over the years. White, pink, yellow, reds of different shaped  flowers, shaded yellow & maroon, pink & white, off whites, peachy, orange,  heavenly white so many have been with us blessing us with plenty of blooms.  The latest addition is a rare species of hibiscus which looks almost of rose shape type flowering hibiscus. The red layered hibiscus.
The flowers are quite bushy and large and with deep red color they give a great show as contrast with the green leaves. With so many benefits and uses, especially in skin care and beauty regimes.
I have had these plants for so many years and so  many blooms have dried and spent.  This is a gem of a plant and a great addition to any garden and home.
Sharing some uses of this beautiful plant here-
Huge Red Hibiscus Flower Bud
1) Give your hair lustrous shine, use hibiscus flower petals and grind them along with some water and use this herbal shampoo to get soft silky hair.
Hibiscus flower oil is very good for healthy hair. Grind petals and few leaves of the hibiscus plant.  Soak this crushed  mixture of hibiscus flowers in ground nut oil , bring it to simmer, it must not get burnt or boiled,  and use for healthy long hair.  Wash with shampoo. It detangles your hair and makes them smooth.
This is also known to prevent split ends and give smooth silky hair right from  strengthening the  hair roots.

2) Skin care with hibiscus flowers- It has loads of vitamin C very good for your skin. This is the best natural botox treatment you can have, because of its skin tightening properties,  that too very cheap and with no side effects. Hibiscus not only smoothens out wrinkles but also adds a healthy glow to your skin.
Hibiscus flowers also prevents skin problems like  eczema and skin rashes as it acts as a natural astringent. 
3) Medicinal health benefits of hibiscus flowers. It is also noted that hibiscus helps to lower blood pressure and is used as an ingredient in herbal teas. Hibiscus teas are well know around the world for its health benefits, tangy taste and color.Natural  diuretic beneficial for kidney problems.
4) Natural hair dye, hibiscus flowers can be  used as colorant for dyeing hair. Soak fresh hibiscus flowers in water, bring it to simmer. this will give a different color, sort of  a pinkish purplish water. Cool and store it in a cool place over night. Wash hair as usual and apply this as rinse. Cover with warm towel, and after about an hour or so wash off with luke warm water till the color flows. This has been used as an natural herbal hair color dye.
5) Hibiscus is also used as a natural food colorant and also good for food garnishing.
6) One species of hibiscus, know as kenaf, hibiscus cannabinus,  is used in paper making.

Huge Red Hibiscus Flower
Care and Tips for growing hibiscus plants:- The hibiscus plants attract bees, bugs and many insects. It is a common site to see holes in leaves and eaten tips of hibiscus plant  leaves.
Even over watering is a problem as the plant attracts fungus and root rot sometimes. Soil quality must be well draining.
When attacked by red bugs the plant begins dropping leaves and white aphids attack the tips of healthy stems and flowering buds. Try to trim the edges and infected leaves and give the plant a thorough wash regularly.
Finally an important tip for growing hibiscus flowering plants is that they require full sunlight. But the flowers stay for longer on the plant when they are grown in partial shade. So judiciously select the right place for this beauty and enjoy the huge blooms!
The Red Pair of Big Hibiscus Flowers on Plant
Feng shui plants having red flowers are great energy boosters and add positive fire energy to your home and garden. Grow the red showy hibiscus in south area for attracting fame and recognition luck energy.
I have personally never used hibiscus for medicinal or beauty or hair care, and maybe never will,    so use these formulas at your own risk.   Adding these plants for even a single reason is enough, its sheer  beauty, for the huge colorful conspicuous flowers. As for the showy flowers , its great, enjoy the show!

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