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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shevanti Plant Chrysanthemums Growing and Flowering Tips Symbolism of Shevanti Flowers

Chrysanthemum morifolium,  Shevanthi  Plant which we are all familiar with  , and whose lovely petalled flowers look beautiful and spread a unique pure fragrance.
Orange Shevanti Flower Plant

Shevanti flowers, beautiful, fragrant, colorful, which we have seen since childhood, the traditional veni, hair decoration flower garlands made from these pretty yellow and orange shevanti flowers brings back so many happy memories.
The traditional veni with yellow shevanti flowers with added at intervals majenta pink small button shaped flower.
Winter and yellow brings cheer, shevanti flowers, bright yellow, orange and reddish shaded orange look very pretty against the chilly winter nights. Not only do the flowers glow but also emit a serene natural fragrance. One of God’s wonders the chrysanthemum flowers are fine detailed work of God. With the colors they are available in the fine petals laid one over the other and forming a complete whole heavy laded flowers with beautiful shapely oval leaf petals.
The chrysanthemums grow in bunches of small buds appearing and as the flowers open give it a feeling and appearance of a gift bouquet of flowers.
The name Shevanti is very auspicious and means a  flower.  It is a female name.

Shevanti flowers have great religious symbolism the orange and yellow flowers  are often used as garlands and offerings in pujas and temples. There is no religious function of ritual complete without the shevanti flowers and they form a prominent part of all  celebrations. Frames and God idols  are always decorated with the yellow orange flowers. and Garlands for Frames of Gods have this flower in prominence.
Small Baby puppy on the road 
clicked this small puppy on the chilly winter morning, mommy no where  to be seen the baby was squeaking with tiny groans,  which would stop when I stroked its body! little fellows are very smart!and cute!
 meanwhile the baby fishes are also enjoying the new life in the small glass bowl, born 9th of this month.  we lost a  few, maybe this is natures way , survival of the fittest, hence fishes lay eggs in large numbers. maybe only the fittest survive.
Baby Fishes  in Bowl
Yellow Color Shevanti Flowering Plant

Close up   of Shevanti Flower

Goldie Love Bird
 As for the love birds, among the four, I have to mention Goldie loves everything yellow so he would love the shevanti  flowers! he is attracted to yellow, touch wood, loves  cooked khichdi, yellow dal rice and yellow ring for sleeping!

Shevanti plants require some care, as they attract pests in form of fungus, mites and white flies in winter. Growing the plant in full sun will increase  its life. As more pests are attracted with plants grown in shaded areas which receive very little direct sunlight.
The chrysanthemum  plant grows as a bush, and is loaded with flowers. The main care it requires is to select a proper place for growth. A place where the plant receives full sunlight is great, but partial sunlight is also good.
We have lost beautiful colorful unique chrysanthemum plants due to pigeons and birds plucking and eating off  the blooms. I think the flowers are tasty and especially the new buds.
These plants look very good in containers as well as land as borders or central arrangement in garden landscapes.
The flowering plant grows from sides sending off roots along side and baby plants grow in the same pot along side of the parent plant, that may die off after a certain time period. 
Requires regular watering and measured watering as root rot is very common as also root fungus on this shevanti plant.
Trimming the plant after flowering helps the plant to grow in shape and flower more.
Usually people buy shevanti chrysanthemum flowers in whole sale  flower  markets, yellow and orange, by weight,  to make at home garlands, venis, decorations during festivals.  
This is a great way to add colors in the garden, chilly winters and cheery yellow orange blooms,  and enjoy the fragrant blooms!
Floral Art Raz

Wish you a Merry Christmas and  a Very Very Happy Prosperous New Year Ahead!
Happy Gardening!

All the Best!


  1. Hi Rizwana:

    Sorry to hear about the ;passing away of the pet birds. My condolences.

  2. Yes Anonymous, thanks for being with me at my times of loss, God Bless from Rizwana!

  3. i bought a single plant from local vendor and poted it. how to take care of it? i heard these local plants dont give much flowers?


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