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Monday, December 2, 2013

Hibiscus Calliphyllus Flower Plant Symbolism Uses Tips and Care

Red Hibiscus Flower on Plant
Hibiscus calliphyllus flowers  plants have always been in homes as of symbolic religious importance in Hinduism as these flowers are used as offerings for Lord Ganesh and Goddess Kali. The Goddess is always seen  adorning the red hibiscus flower and hence this has lots of religious sanctity and value in Hinduism.  There are so many varieties of hibiscus flowering plants, each flower unique and found in lovely colors and shaded varieties.
The red hibiscus flowers full of vibrant energy symbolise passion, desire and love and often a symbol of fertility. It symbolises outstanding beauty and love.

Flowers are large conspicuous and very attractive. Five petalled, four petalled and many colors have been with us over the years. White, pink, yellow, reds of different shaped  flowers, shaded yellow & maroon, pink & white, off whites, peachy, orange,  heavenly white so many have been with us blessing us with plenty of blooms.  The latest addition is a rare species of hibiscus which looks almost of rose shape type flowering hibiscus. The red layered hibiscus.
The flowers are quite bushy and large and with deep red color they give a great show as contrast with the green leaves. With so many benefits and uses, especially in skin care and beauty regimes.
I have had these plants for so many years and so  many blooms have dried and spent.  This is a gem of a plant and a great addition to any garden and home.
Sharing some uses of this beautiful plant here-
Huge Red Hibiscus Flower Bud
1) Give your hair lustrous shine, use hibiscus flower petals and grind them along with some water and use this herbal shampoo to get soft silky hair.
Hibiscus flower oil is very good for healthy hair. Grind petals and few leaves of the hibiscus plant.  Soak this crushed  mixture of hibiscus flowers in ground nut oil , bring it to simmer, it must not get burnt or boiled,  and use for healthy long hair.  Wash with shampoo. It detangles your hair and makes them smooth.
This is also known to prevent split ends and give smooth silky hair right from  strengthening the  hair roots.

2) Skin care with hibiscus flowers- It has loads of vitamin C very good for your skin. This is the best natural botox treatment you can have, because of its skin tightening properties,  that too very cheap and with no side effects. Hibiscus not only smoothens out wrinkles but also adds a healthy glow to your skin.
Hibiscus flowers also prevents skin problems like  eczema and skin rashes as it acts as a natural astringent. 
3) Medicinal health benefits of hibiscus flowers. It is also noted that hibiscus helps to lower blood pressure and is used as an ingredient in herbal teas. Hibiscus teas are well know around the world for its health benefits, tangy taste and color.Natural  diuretic beneficial for kidney problems.
4) Natural hair dye, hibiscus flowers can be  used as colorant for dyeing hair. Soak fresh hibiscus flowers in water, bring it to simmer. this will give a different color, sort of  a pinkish purplish water. Cool and store it in a cool place over night. Wash hair as usual and apply this as rinse. Cover with warm towel, and after about an hour or so wash off with luke warm water till the color flows. This has been used as an natural herbal hair color dye.
5) Hibiscus is also used as a natural food colorant and also good for food garnishing.
6) One species of hibiscus, know as kenaf, hibiscus cannabinus,  is used in paper making.

Huge Red Hibiscus Flower
Care and Tips for growing hibiscus plants:- The hibiscus plants attract bees, bugs and many insects. It is a common site to see holes in leaves and eaten tips of hibiscus plant  leaves.
Even over watering is a problem as the plant attracts fungus and root rot sometimes. Soil quality must be well draining.
When attacked by red bugs the plant begins dropping leaves and white aphids attack the tips of healthy stems and flowering buds. Try to trim the edges and infected leaves and give the plant a thorough wash regularly.
Finally an important tip for growing hibiscus flowering plants is that they require full sunlight. But the flowers stay for longer on the plant when they are grown in partial shade. So judiciously select the right place for this beauty and enjoy the huge blooms!
The Red Pair of Big Hibiscus Flowers on Plant
Feng shui plants having red flowers are great energy boosters and add positive fire energy to your home and garden. Grow the red showy hibiscus in south area for attracting fame and recognition luck energy.
I have personally never used hibiscus for medicinal or beauty or hair care, and maybe never will,    so use these formulas at your own risk.   Adding these plants for even a single reason is enough, its sheer  beauty, for the huge colorful conspicuous flowers. As for the showy flowers , its great, enjoy the show!

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All the Best!


  1. Should your rose heads be dropping from being left outside water for too long, you can revive them by placing the stems into one inch of hot water for roughly 30 seconds.
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  2. Thank you Shoaib for this helpful tip for keeping roses fresh, Take Care and All the Best!

  3. Hi Rizwana,

    Where did you get the specific red Hibiscus variety from that you have shown in your pictures above? I've never seen it before and would like to purchase seeds. Can you please help me?


  4. Hello HB, this is a beautiful rare hibiscus plant, planted in our terrace garden with lovely large sized blooms.
    You will have to search in plant nurseries as I have purchased a ready plant form a local nursery, yes it is not seen more often, and after trying out just too many hibiscus varieties I loved the big sized bring red blooms , Hope you find the right one soon , All the Best from Rizwana!


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