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Monday, May 7, 2018

Entryway Garden 5 challenges Container Main Door Entry Garden

Entryway Garden 
Welcome to my entryway magical garden. Gardeners believe in magic..we do believe there are fairies, nature spirits and elves..that they dance on every leaf and flower and tend them with their tiny hands. Rizwana A.Mundewadi from my little entryway Garden! shifted to a larger space, the sadness of moving out from the little space under the sun was over powered by the excitement of making a new garden.
Making a new garden is always exciting. Now we have ready container  plants available. I have carried all my precious ones while shifting , a few containers broke, but rest all are ok. Looking at the photo just does not do justice, to the entry way garden design, as combinations and arrangements of pots is done with harmony and keeping in mind light requirements of different plants. 
Every gardener tends a garden wit their soul. More of sweat and hard work and then they bring out beauty to the world. The ever green garden is a myth, you tend for it and they bless you with blooms!  There have been so many such times when I have hardly noticed when the plump buds came up, and then I am welcomed with a surprise each morning. I do believe in the magic of the universe, and nature spirits, fairies who look after your garden. 
Container gardening indoors, entry way garden on the eighteenth floor, is another challenge and will be sharing my experiences. 
1) first challenge, no direct sunlight!
2) will need lots of care with watering
3) soil needs to be really good quality and well draining
4) pests will have to be taken care off, maybe I may lose a few plants...because sunlight on my terrace would take care of so many things. 
5) Lights in the entry way are on 24 hours, so my plants will have to learn to meditate and sleep with lights on!
with a lot of excitement as new challenges await,..
White Aphids on Spider Lily plants 

first casualty, spider lily bulbs, attacked by white aphids..
mogra did bloom !
while the mogra plant did bloom, gave out two big sized flowers, to have more here, in the entry way garden will be a challenge, The Chinese Bamboo plant, I have the original Bamboo growing in container, seems happy with indirect light. hoping for the best! Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified, All the Best from Rizwana!
container gardening from scrap pots
Thailand goodluck plant

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