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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Entry way garden first casualties...entry way garden challenges

Spider lily buds small size
 Our entry way garden is magical and while most are learning to live with this indirect light source here, some are showing signs of distress. While they emit so happy positive energy I do have to look after each one here, as there is no direct sunlight coming, here on the eighteenth floor of this high rise.
Yellow Mussaenda turned white!
 spending so many years with an open terrace garden under direct sunlight for almost most parts of the day, it was scorching at many times. here there is coolness of north.
Abundance of flowers in bulb plants as they required direct sunlight, now comes the challenges, but interesting too. The entry way garden is a totally new garden design and I will have to be really careful with specific needs of plants.
While my little space under the sun I had-we had(my plants) adjusted to the hours of direct heat from sun by watering twice, shifting pots and containers, covering/space cover plants-  up few, sharing pots with tall tough plants and so many tricks and ideas to survive. help them live happily.
Now the challenges are different, no sun. means dampness, wetness, even maybe accumulated dried leaves, and most dangerous pests. Yes, there are many plant diseases and pest that attack when there is no direct sunlight for plants.
Mogra flower buds
My bestie, mogra, the tough one has given some flowers even among all the changes and shifting of house. Yellow Mussaenda has given out flowers , but the yellow sepals are now white.Most sad part, spider lily plants were sick before we shifted and that disease has aggravated with cool space here. Usually I would trim them, give them strong forced baths and with direct sunlight they would recover.
The creepy white aphids, moving happily are breeding fast with low direct sunlight. I also have to spray the leaves of all plants placed in my entry way garden  to keep them green and free from dust so that they make food fast.
heavy infestation white fungus aphids on spider lily flower buds
 There was heavy infestation, trimmed them, the spider lily plant and Amaryllis, checked the soil, bulbs were starting to become mushy and smelly, so immediately shifted them to window sill garden. They look happy now, phew!!, saved on time!
white aphids spider lily plant

Amaryllis lily plant pest attack 
Who is happy? peace lily plants are happy, they love indirect light and even the kaamini bush,
Kaamini Bush
has given a fully loaded show now. I don't know what time they will again bloom, but giving them love and care and hoping for the best! Bougainvilleas seem to have adjusted, and most happy who did not love the heat, is the Jamun tree in container, and the chinese evergreen, OH, with so much pains and against everyone's wishes,  I have taken these precious ones along with me to our new home , the thought of abandoning them in sun was too much, to leave them to die off each day waiting for me as I would care so much..I have them all here..I will try my best to save each one..and I hope they survive... please do pray they live happily with me!in my little entry way garden!
Rizwana Mundewadi wishing you Happy gardening from my little entry way garden!

Kamini Bush Murraya paniculata white fragrant flowering bush Compare with Orange Plant Blooms

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