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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Easy Home Decorating on low budget with Plants

Easy home decorating for the holiday season with low budget with plants, go ahead add some!
greens never harm ,  they always love!
The holiday season with some time at hand, no wonder you feel excited to refurbish , decorate your home space. For this decor makeover you have so much information online. read, see pictures, photos of gardens, especially you can transform your home with a magical element, unique entry way garden, that too with a very low budget!
In feng shuii entryways to the home, are the main source of chi that nourish your home. You can activate this by adding a few container pots and vases in your entry way passage and welcome prosperity.
Entry Way Garden
Mine was a no option, entry way garden, we had so many container plants in our terrace garden , so they all came along with us.
Adding only rows of pots will not make it a garden! add some garden ornaments, garden features , that come cheap and then see how your entry way transforms into a magical space, what more can you ask for, involve your children with tending and caring, they will learn the power of love!
Very easy home decorating with plants can be done  by adding container plants that grow in less sunlight and manage indirect sunlight. Ceramic plant garden containers and vases are beautiful and available in many different sizes, or you can buy cheap containers and paint them, nothing like the magic of hand made!
or go ahead and buy ready to hang container plants, no hassles, except watering with care~
All the Best from Rizwana!
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