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Hibiscus Plant Pests Problem and Growing Tips and some Budgie love bird health care

Red Layered Hibiscus flowering plant
Hibiscus plants are grown for religious purposes as it is often sad that a home growing this flowering plant attracts good luck and God's Blessings. This is due to the fact that it is loved by Ganesha, the Elephant Headed God,  and also used as offering in temples. Hundreds of species of types of different hibiscus flowers! Its difficult to grow one for years and I wonder that's why it is so auspicious! 
Especially as winter sets in the plants are always attacked by white flies, aphids or pest, I don't know why but due to low sunlight and high water content, is one of the reason, that many hibiscus plants grown on window sills in pots  do not make over the long chilly winters.
Rare Hibiscus flowering plant
From health benefits to symbolic religious importance Hibiscus is grown every where for their large sized blooms. Its great dye additive for hair and growing healthy hair.
Not only had I planted many many different types but also once there was time when our garden was full of colored  hibiscus flowers. Except for a few now, as we lost many due to pests and age. There were heavenly whites, soft baby pink, cheery yellow, vibrant vermillon red , orange and even pinkish purple! Then we also added to these shaded ones , the famous golden on yellow and red white, which still brings a smile on my face, I had learned the trick of taking care of hibiscus plants and once you know this growing them becomes easy and what is best is they give out majestic large sized blooms!
The only care, white pests, aphids, or powdery mildew, and then the black ants start feeding on these. Thoroughly watering these plants and giving them bath would keep my hibiscus plants fresh and they would over come  the attack by pest as I placed these pots under full sunlight. What more the hibiscus plants love full sunlight for maximum hours and even bloom only under full sunlight!
This awesum advice by Debadutta Misra one of our readers of Garden Care Simplified for tips of Hibiscus Plants, Thanks Debadutta Misra!
“ Rizwana, the pests are not aphids but mealybugs who have tremendous affinity for hibiscus. They are actually pink in colour, however they generate a lot of white powder like substance which is loved by ants like the milk from aphids. Mealy bugs are slow and don't spread from plant to plant but are transported by ants who spread it to all stem ends. The powder like coating actually also helps the mealybugs survive any pesticide. however they are susceptible to potassium based soaps like dishwashing liquid. After spraying with soap solution a mild pesticide along with repeated thorough physical cleaning totally removes the pests. However after that keep lining the pot edge and the area with gamaxene (lindane powder) for several days to kill the ants and prevent them from bringing back mealybugs. And always be on the lookout for them and clean as soon as noticed again followed by gamaxene. If you plan to grow hibiscus put gamaxene around the plants every 15 days even if mealybugs are not there.
I Had also got one medicine that was strong and saved many but we also lost many as the treatments do kill pests but so also the plants are affected, and then I have just stopped using any artificial mediations for my plants, sunlight I have observed is the best for flowering plants and this is also a natural protector from plant pests. Trimming the infected parts, washing and then shifting places often works wonders to your hibiscus plants.
Yellow hibiscus flower
Yellowing and dropping of leaves in hibiscus plants  indicates less watering, strong sunlight, and less root space in pot. The hibiscus grows roots fats and need to be repotted. I used to trim some roots as they get entangled making a mess and even after transplanting the hibiscus roots would not find space. Just take care to transplant it with love and then they bless us with awesum blooms!
Its an emotional plant, Hibiscus, and does well with communicating!
Meanwhile I really have to thank God for the miracle that Goldie, our pet budgie love bird,  is fine, I had lost hope after two surgeries still her eye was swollen third time, and the boil developed puss, she had stopped eating and I was really scared that she would l go blind, prayed and prayed and also my friends from face book were all along praying, but God is great and really very Great! I wish her good health! Its was a bad time...., sleepless night for both of us...and I am so thankful that God listened, and blessed her.
I wish other budgie lovers  would know as this would help save their loved pets love birds. I did that which I would never do, helped in surgery and then fed her medicines, and took care to see she ate , as love birds stop eating and then gradually lose out. She is a survivor as when we had bought her two years back she had a tumour like swelling near stomach . Fresh air is necessary for budgie health and so also time out, letting them fly in controlled environment out of their cage. Games, challenges and different types of food, mixture of green leafy vegetables and seeds, is what keeps them interested otherwise they get bored!  I call her " Golden Monk" as she is disciplined and well natured humble one!
Boil near love bird budgies eye

Dried skin near Goldie love birds eye

Under the morning sun in fresh air, Goldie love bird
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

How Much Water is Required for my Indoor Plants, watering tips for indoor plants

How Much Water is Required for my Indoor Plants? while some follow the simple daily ritual of watering their indoor plants like the outdoor ones some keep it once in two days and some once a week. Some literally drown the plants in water, (I am , till I learnt the hard way!dedicated to the awesum ones who I have lost due to over watering...)

Anthuriums Exotic Indoor plants

Peace Lilly Plants grow well indoors

Feng shui strength, Rubber Plant grows well in artificial lighting. 
Since I had kept the beautiful awesum Chinese Green and Bamboo plants that grew beautifully indoors the watering was always an issue. Over watering the plants made the soil look soggy and also attract mosquitoes. The plate under neath the pots was taken care off in whenever the water seeped through from the bottom of the pot, because stagnant water breeds diseases. So I selected a ceramic container that could retain water for longer time.
It all depends upon the type of plant you have indoors. Mushy fleshy stem plants are what I love as they usually are less attention seeking and take care of their own even when we skip water for a few days. Then if you have the orchids they need proper measured waterings. Climbers like money plants are the best as they grow in water and soil, and can do with more watering, in fact they require a high water moisture level soil for growth.
Sharing some tips on  how much water is required for your indoor plants-
1) Type of plant, understand their water needs. Fleshy stems and leaves ones require less water.
2) Delicate newly planted ones require more water otherwise they dry off within a day , take care for the first months of growth till the plant grows healthy and is established in the indoor environment.
3) Your country, climate and environment, Once a week or twice a week depending upon the climate you stay in. Cold countries will require measured watering to keep the moisture level in plants.
4) Type quality of soil they are planted in. Very very important, this I did not know and have struggled growing these indoors for many years. Mixture of good quality soil and well draining is essential to have healthy indoor plants.
5) My large containers require more water than the smaller pots. Size of pots is important for indoor plants. I thought that growing in large containers would keep the plants fresh longer but it was other wise, the more the open area exposed in the pot the sooner the soil dries, so it requires more watering.
6) Materials the indoor pots and containers are made of is important. Cement and clay pots are good for health of plants but ceramic ones retain water for longer times. So if the soil is well draining still we have less turns of watering.
Now each and every indoor plant is special and requires individual understanding. I always say look at the plant after watering , how it looks, usually plants, be it indoors or outdoors communicate their requirements and needs. They will look life less dull and leaves may start to droop and they call for water and express their thirst. And sometimes during winters even after a week they just look point blank when I come close with a water container, as if screaming noooo, and then I just sprinkle the top to moisten the soil and clean the top of leaves. You can also observe the top layer of the soil in your indoor plant container if it shows cracks it requires water, if it is moist even days after the last watering, emergency alert that the soil is clogged and the plant requires sunlight and checking of soil.
Meanwhile Goldie had a boil near the eye and the time was critical. Twice surgery was done to price the pus out. and some antibiotics according to her body weight. So many prayers,,,By Grace of God is fine but still weak, and was so happy when she started eating, putting up,   with the other two budgie love birds, green one Birdie the extra social one and Angel, white,  the one with loads of attitude!
Angel Love Bird
Goldie Budgie Love Bird
Don't forget to give your indoor plants a round of fresh air once in a while, they love it! Watering them carefully is very important and even indoor plants give out blooms and grow for many years.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Goldie Love Bird eye swollen Love Bird Healthy Food and what Budgies Love to eat Care for love birds

Love bird eye swollen
 Love bird eye swollen since past few days and though the garden is so vibrant with awesum gulmohar blooms, Lilly fragrances, Amaryllis large blooms, and Allamanda majenta big flowers,  and mogra heavenly white flowers the budgie who is a simply beautiful disciplined one, I have named her "Golden Monk" is sick...
No love birds don't show any signs of disease and looks good, eats with others but there is a swelling near her right eye and once we removed some pus but the boil seems to be like a tumour or thickened and don't know, just praying she recovers fast. Antibiotics help to heal faster and she was given feeding diluted with water with a dropper.
I don't know how, but on searching with google found that either some other budgie has hit her near the eye or she accidentally got hurt or it may be an eye infection. I so take care of keeping them clean, bathing them and they love the morning and evening trips outside under the blue sky with open breeze. praying for the best!
close up of gulmohar flowers

gulmohar blooms growing in container
Like I did few months back again I am growing their seeds and pulses so that they can have some fun. They love spinach, methi, suva, corrainder and each one has a favorite green,  and I rotate and give them different green leaves.  For growing seeds put them in hot sun, they sprout very fast!
pulses growing tips
Apart from seeds and pellets it is essential that love birds budgies have healthy diet.  They love to eat while on the top swing and also love monaco biscuits. I had read that sugar is bad for birds so I never give them any sweet biscuits.
recycling plastic bottles use as plant containers
 I dont know how this will work out but trying something new, growing greens in their under tray with net so that these creative energies don't eat soil!They are well disciplined and on my one voice call take to their places on the awesum gulmohar tree branch that I had trimmed a few months back when it was quiet, and this is in their home.
growing budgie foods fresh green plants
Always keep fresh water, during especially hot seasons as their body temperatures is high

Budgies spread wings tightening when they feel hot 
The most important care for budgie health is time out, frequently, let them to fly in closed controlled environment, so that they can enjoy and eat better.  Take care to close windows and doors, also there must not be sharp objects and sharp cornered furniture other wise they may get hurt while flying. Wooden perches are best fro them and have toys and swings, slides so that they can spend their time creatively. Do not have mirrors or glass objects inside their home.
Fun time out playing ring a ring a roses
They love many games, in the laundry basket is one favorite. They have their own hiding places under the sofa set and the top curtain rod,  and when I call they answer with chirps conversing, wish I could understand!
I am just praying Goldie gets well soon and tides over this time, the swelling below the eye is there still like a boil, though thank God she has her eye normal,  ..God Bless!

How My Gulmohar Flame of the Forest Tree Bloomed! Step by Step photos of blooming of Gulmohar and Practical Tips in container

Tiny buds on Gulmohar in container by Rizwana
 First blooms came after five years, new year it skipped giving any blooms, seventh year a few little blooms and this year awesum fully loaded with vibrant vermillon unique blooms! Growing Gulmohar tree in a container and that too on a terrace, everyone would say its not possible! give it away! but my love for the Gulmohar, a spiritual connection already began fifteen years back when A Gulmohar tree was cut in our society compound and when I went among the cut pieces of woods saw beautiful pieces of Gods creation, each branch ,each shape calling my creative inner soul.
So I just collected lots of natural forms, hand painted them into beautiful decorative pieces, no I did not sell any, this thought never came upon me at that time. A few still remain with me especially the one in our living room, has immense happiness!
So the tree is like family, and this year it became so quiet during winters and I just cut off most branches assuming it has left us...but it surprised me with so many blooms, its an awesum view from above as our terrace  garden corner is glowing with red energy!
Clicking was a difficult one, imagine clicking from a tree close up pictures of flower. Had to climb a large stool and with the balancing act and praying my back remains happy after all this.. captured these awesum bloom photographs.

The first buds of this season on Gulmohar in container  by Rizwana 
 Keeping a watch on blooms and clicking it every day was so exciting as each day some progress was seen. The buds when just about to open are the bestest moments of happiness!It takes nearly a month for all this to happen, but once in bloom the flame of the forest, Gulmohar is worth the wait, its an awesum show!
Happiness in bloom Gulmohar new buds by Rizwana

Gradual opening of buds on Gulmohar

Just about to open , Buds of  Gulmohar by Rizwana

Awesum Happiness Unlimited! Gulmohar flowers in Vermillon Red Vibrant by Rizwana

Gods Creation in its Best Gulmohar Flowers in Bloom by Rizwana

Unique flowers in Red by Rizwana

Close up of Gulmohar Flower by Rizwana

Vibrant Red Flame of the Forest by Rizwana

Red flowers on Gulmohar in container

Vibrant Flame of the Forest in Container on our Terrace by Rizwana

Gods Blessings Red Flowers of Gulmohar
Beautiful Gulmohar Flowers growing in Container by Rizwana
Growing Gulmohar Flame of the Forest in Container Practical Tips-
1) Select a large container
2) Be prepared for the years before seeing any blooms, as the plant grows profusely in beginning years.
3) Trim to keep a check on growth.
4) I did not add any fertilizer but guess you can add for nutrition. Cowdung is best.
5) Allow branches to grow thick and trim lanky stems.
6) Keeping a check on its growth and size will allow the plant to divert energy for blooming.
Enjoy the happiness, a respite from the hot summers spreading joy and happiness, welcoming birds,  trust me its really worth it!
Dont forget to keep containers of water for our heavenly friends!

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