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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goldie Love Bird eye swollen Love Bird Healthy Food and what Budgies Love to eat Care for love birds

Love bird eye swollen
 Love bird eye swollen since past few days and though the garden is so vibrant with awesum gulmohar blooms, Lilly fragrances, Amaryllis large blooms, and Allamanda majenta big flowers,  and mogra heavenly white flowers the budgie who is a simply beautiful disciplined one, I have named her "Golden Monk" is sick...
No love birds don't show any signs of disease and looks good, eats with others but there is a swelling near her right eye and once we removed some pus but the boil seems to be like a tumour or thickened and don't know, just praying she recovers fast. Antibiotics help to heal faster and she was given feeding diluted with water with a dropper.
I don't know how, but on searching with google found that either some other budgie has hit her near the eye or she accidentally got hurt or it may be an eye infection. I so take care of keeping them clean, bathing them and they love the morning and evening trips outside under the blue sky with open breeze. praying for the best!
close up of gulmohar flowers

gulmohar blooms growing in container
Like I did few months back again I am growing their seeds and pulses so that they can have some fun. They love spinach, methi, suva, corrainder and each one has a favorite green,  and I rotate and give them different green leaves.  For growing seeds put them in hot sun, they sprout very fast!
pulses growing tips
Apart from seeds and pellets it is essential that love birds budgies have healthy diet.  They love to eat while on the top swing and also love monaco biscuits. I had read that sugar is bad for birds so I never give them any sweet biscuits.
recycling plastic bottles use as plant containers
 I dont know how this will work out but trying something new, growing greens in their under tray with net so that these creative energies don't eat soil!They are well disciplined and on my one voice call take to their places on the awesum gulmohar tree branch that I had trimmed a few months back when it was quiet, and this is in their home.
growing budgie foods fresh green plants
Always keep fresh water, during especially hot seasons as their body temperatures is high

Budgies spread wings tightening when they feel hot 
The most important care for budgie health is time out, frequently, let them to fly in closed controlled environment, so that they can enjoy and eat better.  Take care to close windows and doors, also there must not be sharp objects and sharp cornered furniture other wise they may get hurt while flying. Wooden perches are best fro them and have toys and swings, slides so that they can spend their time creatively. Do not have mirrors or glass objects inside their home.
Fun time out playing ring a ring a roses
They love many games, in the laundry basket is one favorite. They have their own hiding places under the sofa set and the top curtain rod,  and when I call they answer with chirps conversing, wish I could understand!
I am just praying Goldie gets well soon and tides over this time, the swelling below the eye is there still like a boil, though thank God she has her eye normal,  ..God Bless!

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