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Saturday, May 23, 2015

How Much Water is Required for my Indoor Plants, watering tips for indoor plants

How Much Water is Required for my Indoor Plants? while some follow the simple daily ritual of watering their indoor plants like the outdoor ones some keep it once in two days and some once a week. Some literally drown the plants in water, (I am , till I learnt the hard way!dedicated to the awesum ones who I have lost due to over watering...)

Anthuriums Exotic Indoor plants

Peace Lilly Plants grow well indoors

Feng shui strength, Rubber Plant grows well in artificial lighting. 
Since I had kept the beautiful awesum Chinese Green and Bamboo plants that grew beautifully indoors the watering was always an issue. Over watering the plants made the soil look soggy and also attract mosquitoes. The plate under neath the pots was taken care off in whenever the water seeped through from the bottom of the pot, because stagnant water breeds diseases. So I selected a ceramic container that could retain water for longer time.
It all depends upon the type of plant you have indoors. Mushy fleshy stem plants are what I love as they usually are less attention seeking and take care of their own even when we skip water for a few days. Then if you have the orchids they need proper measured waterings. Climbers like money plants are the best as they grow in water and soil, and can do with more watering, in fact they require a high water moisture level soil for growth.
Sharing some tips on  how much water is required for your indoor plants-
1) Type of plant, understand their water needs. Fleshy stems and leaves ones require less water.
2) Delicate newly planted ones require more water otherwise they dry off within a day , take care for the first months of growth till the plant grows healthy and is established in the indoor environment.
3) Your country, climate and environment, Once a week or twice a week depending upon the climate you stay in. Cold countries will require measured watering to keep the moisture level in plants.
4) Type quality of soil they are planted in. Very very important, this I did not know and have struggled growing these indoors for many years. Mixture of good quality soil and well draining is essential to have healthy indoor plants.
5) My large containers require more water than the smaller pots. Size of pots is important for indoor plants. I thought that growing in large containers would keep the plants fresh longer but it was other wise, the more the open area exposed in the pot the sooner the soil dries, so it requires more watering.
6) Materials the indoor pots and containers are made of is important. Cement and clay pots are good for health of plants but ceramic ones retain water for longer times. So if the soil is well draining still we have less turns of watering.
Now each and every indoor plant is special and requires individual understanding. I always say look at the plant after watering , how it looks, usually plants, be it indoors or outdoors communicate their requirements and needs. They will look life less dull and leaves may start to droop and they call for water and express their thirst. And sometimes during winters even after a week they just look point blank when I come close with a water container, as if screaming noooo, and then I just sprinkle the top to moisten the soil and clean the top of leaves. You can also observe the top layer of the soil in your indoor plant container if it shows cracks it requires water, if it is moist even days after the last watering, emergency alert that the soil is clogged and the plant requires sunlight and checking of soil.
Meanwhile Goldie had a boil near the eye and the time was critical. Twice surgery was done to price the pus out. and some antibiotics according to her body weight. So many prayers,,,By Grace of God is fine but still weak, and was so happy when she started eating, putting up,   with the other two budgie love birds, green one Birdie the extra social one and Angel, white,  the one with loads of attitude!
Angel Love Bird
Goldie Budgie Love Bird
Don't forget to give your indoor plants a round of fresh air once in a while, they love it! Watering them carefully is very important and even indoor plants give out blooms and grow for many years.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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