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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mogra Plants and Big Mogra Flowers Flowering Tips

Big Mogra flower buds
Mogra flower plant is one of the best fragrant plants that are so worth growing for their heavenly fragrance. What more the summers are never the same with mogra plants, once you grow them you will never look at other  plants.
The flowers are so big, button shaped with so many petals and they grow in bunches.
The joy begins when they give out buds,we have huge buds as the plant has grown quite healthy and after trimmings they give out a spurt of healthy blooms.
Healthy Mogra Plant with buds
Many emails come everyday asking for flowering tips and that their mogra plants do not give flowers. The main reason may be the genes as I always say buy mogra plants with a few buds on them so that you know the plant is fertile. My plant ahs a history and I really feel so blessed that I took the pains to remove physically the pests, red mealy bugs that had got attached to its roots and the plant was on verge of dying ten years back. And what more today it has grown so well, touch wood, and also its babies, from cuttings,  are giving out healthy blooms.
Practical tips for big sized mogra flowers-
1) Its basic constitution, choose plants that have bigger blooms. Of course after the nursery plants settle at our place they do not give out the same sized blooms and flowers are much smaller.
 2) Location- most important, the plant needs sunlight. Direct for few hours, this helps to protect your mogra plant from getting attacked by pests.
3) regular trimming especially after winters to see flowers in summers.
4) Feeding healthy, cowdung is best but ready mixes are also good. I usually never give it much as I personally feel plants need sunlight and proper watering to flower. Egg shells and used tea leaves are good. The type of feeding is important and how your plant takes to this, more fertilizer can sometimes kill plants and even go limp, where I have advised people to give their mogra plants through baths to wash off the extra and save the plants.
5) Keep the roots strong. This helps the plant to grow huge leaves and so do the flowers grow bigger. A healthy mogra plant has darker green glossy leaves and yellow leaves, burnt leaves, or lighter green leaves give out small flowers. So often I see the leaves and predict how the blooms will come out this season.
They are Awesum , Fragrant Mogra flowers, fully loaded white bundles of Joy!
I know people love to make hair decorations gajra, offer to God's in temples or decorate them at home for their fragrances, I prefer to keep them on the plants, they remain longer,  fragrance educes with each day and is best on the early mornings when the flowers blooms. Enjoy mogra fragrance in hot summer evenings when there is cool breeze, I do love this first in early mornings and late evenings, it is just out of this world feelings!

Big Mogra Plant bud
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Acalypha hispida Avoid Growing Cats Tail Plant for Asthmatic People

Cat's tail Plant
Suffering from Ashthma is very stressful and with the attacks increasing due to pollution and internet radiation exposures it would be great to grow some green plants to help purify your space. Here a bit of caution in choosing plants helps a lot.
Yes it is true that plants are great, they refresh the space, environment and helps improve feng shui energy but there are a few that can do more damage to your health than help out and need to be grown with care.
Sharing here one such plant that looks so beautiful with its magenta, pinkish red furry blooms. The Cat's tail plant, Chenille plant, Acalypha hispida, a flowering shrub. Also known as Philippines Medusa, red hot cat's tail,  fox tail, the plant grows very fats and can go in feets even in containers.
Care has to be taken as parts of this plant are poisonous. The female plant bears pistillate flowers looking pinkish, purple, reddish maroon. Flowers grow in clusters at tip of stems.
Red Furry Long Blooms
Trimming helps keep the Cat's tail in shape and allows more flowering.
The plant looks Awesum with blooms and often draws attention from children. But the parts are poisonous and what happens when the flowers dry, they send off tiny furry parts that can enter your lungs and harm Asthmatic patients, senior people and pets more.
Avoid growing the Cat's tail in windows where the breeze enters your room or bedroom directly as these tiny furs will fill your space.

Pinkish red furry flowers Cat's tail plant
They love partial sunny spots and will wither off in direct exposure to sunlight. Soil needs to be well watered and moist. They are attacked by bugs and beetles eating up their leaves and even white fungus during winters.
Grow them as borders or centre plants where there are no direct exposure to people. Inhaling the furs is very dangerous, and this happens often when people take the flowers close and try to smell this.
While the Cat's Tail is very beautiful and attractive you can grow it in a space where there is not much breeze and they grow well even in dark garden corners brightening up any space with their attractive vibrant blooms!
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nature Has its Own Harmony Bleeding Hearts Vine Flowers Growing in a Circular Pattern Tips for flowering

Bleeding Hearts Vine Happy Flowers Growing in Circular Pattern
 When in doubt take a walk!The hot summers bring children and grown ups alike to our complex garden, and there is immense happiness and chatter for evenings till late night. The evening walks , apart from my terrace garden is another inspirational time for me as flowers are different and plants are growing in soil, so this again gives me different insights to gardening. What a beautiful circular growth of flowers, the original view is mesmerizing and unique.
Bleeding hearts vine has flourished into Awesum blooms. All growing in a pattern, just bringing in the thought that there is harmony and discipline in nature.
Flowers at the end tips of the stems ,each have a circular ball effect. Fluffy flowers , just like a creative unique ball. Smooth to touch and are very beautiful with their tiny red flowers in bracts of off white leaves.
We have the bright red flowers bleeding hearts vine that has contrasting white bracts and crimson lake red blooms.
Tips for Bleeding Hearts Flower Vine- Trim regularly, add cowdung twice a year, and give them a great shape. But I usually don't add up much, they grow happily with trimming! Be careful while trimming, buds appear on the tips of vine stems. Indirect sunlight and loads of love!
Circular growth pattern of flowers Bleeding hearts vine
 So the walking also brought new friends, these dogs are here in our society garden since they were babies, and are fond of everyone. No, I never feed them, but they show so much love always. Dogs are best friends and till date one of the best pets for life. Loyalty and friendship, sincere dedication and pure love!A lady who regularly feeds them, they jump and eat biscuits and play tricks, has given them names according to their special characteristics, my favorite one is Hritik Roshan with his browny sad light eyes,  quite a handsome fellow! Furry is so furry, you just cant help but touch her hair!
Hritik Roshan our society pet dog
Furry Society pet dog
 Walking is a great stress buster  and offers creative inputs to the artists in me. Walking also in pure soil, mud, red soil and in the green lawns bare feet,  feels great to be connected to Mother Earth, a lot of grounding energy today is required, as we are exposed to radiations and web for most parts of the day. Also living in high rise towers brings its disadvantages in form of energy leaks and rains. But, of course, waiting for rains, Rains are best in my little space under the sun!
Take walks regularly, they improve blood circulation and refreshes the mind.
Garden pathway Joggers track

 Do share your flowers clicks and unique clicks from nature and your garden,  one has its own uniqueness and lessons. Thank you for your over whelming emails, I try to answer as much as possible to help you out with gardening!
Cutie , society pet dog
Nature, flowers, plants and gardening clicks, inspiration continues in form of original healing paintings and digital artworks and of course creative expressions with flowers. For those who have plants always share there happiness, and I feel so so blessed when they say that I, my Garden care Simplified blog,  have inspired them to grow plants, to add plants and to begin a window garden or a terrace garden, really feels like on top of the world! The blog began as a way to share the mistakes and tricks I did to get my container plants to flower, to avoid the mistakes which I did and lost some...and to continue adding fresh plants to keep your space green... and has continued over many years with loads of happiness from readers and plant lovers.  and I wish more and more Newbies enter with the passion of gardening! Spreading happiness and pure energy around the globe!Thank you for your emails, and your plants photographs, your experiences and for trusting me and following sincerely my practical tips. THANK YOU!
Round Ball of Circular Growth Bleeding Hearts Vine Flowers
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Friday, May 19, 2017

3 Places where you Must never Grow Bougainvillea Plants Summers and Vibrant Colorful Bougainvellias

Florescent Pink Bougainvilleas, vibrant pink, peachy orange, yellow, white, lilac and even shaded variety, Summers are the best time and we see a lot of these Awesum Bougainvillea blooms every where on the roads. Best part is they require less care and grow even in the driest soils.
Pink Bougainvillea
As you observe the flowers, they are so thin, papery thin and light feathery, hardly  any weight, but they can stand even the strongest of winds! this is a really strange but true fact in nature, that even when you touch it by hand the flowers fall off and when there are strong winds yet they remain on the plant. .

Bougainvillea flowers
 They are often chosen for their showy flowers, unique, and also less care plants.
next time you think of adding these plants to your space consider these points, never keep/grow  bougainvilleas in these 3 places-
1) When you have small children at home, and when there are curious mischievous pets!  cats and dogs at home. The Bougainvillea plants have very sharp pointed thorns that can hurt anyone and create a lot of pain. Unknowingly getting scratched by the thorns can make the skin break to a rash or even get septic. Better to avoid these plants in such homes.
2) The Bougainvillea flowers and plant leaves are loved by rats! There is always danger that rat urine can be dropped by near the plants. never keep these plants in your bedroom window or living room window in case there are pests and rats coming by as they increase the risk of diseases. My terrace garden bougainvilleas plants are always chewed upon by rats and most times goes barren , but they spring back in less time. Also from feng shui point of view Feng Shui masters advise to avoid thorny and sharp pointed plants to be grown in bedroom or relationships sectors as they harm the relationships and inmates suffer a lot in maintaining peace and harmony.
3) Very important to keep the plants at the correct level. Choose a place to keep your bougainvilleas at a lower level or much higher level from the eye  level.
Bougainvilleas are awesum showy plants that hardly require any care for flowering, but need regular trimming to manage the thorny stems.  and add them for beauty, color and energy to your garden. Choose spots where they receive direct sunlight but do not come in high traffic areas , that is where people keep walking by regularly.
My practical special tip! We had plenty growing in huge containers but the maintenance was quite tiring, to trim a thorny stem is not an easy task! So grow the bougainvilleas in small containers only, they will give you more blooms. and also require less trimming effort! Tie the plants to give them shape or let them flow over a trellis so that the stems are in shape. and Enjoy the summery colours, All the Best from Rizwana!
Paper thin feathery light Bougainvillea flowers
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fragrant Anant Gardenia Practical Flowering Tips

Fresh bloomed Anant flower

After two days Anant flower on Plant
The fragrance is very distinct and you can smell it even from a distance when the cool breeze sets during nights in summers. the heavenly fragrance, is Awesum, really worth, growing. 
Anant flower bud
 Anant , 
White Anant fragrant flower on plant
Gardenia Plants, is a fragrant flowering plant which gives out beautiful white flowers ,especially in summers when the days are hot the flowers begin blooming in the late evenings and are fully open during sunset. 
Like Juhi, jasmine and Mogra , that make summers Awesum, even Gardenias are beautiful bushes  that can grow into huge trees .   
Usually our society garden plant goes barren as soon as the blooms come up, in the name of religion to offer in temples. Even on explaining to them that flowers remain on the plant for a longer time, and when plucked they die off in a day, yet...
Heavenly Anant flower
Anant flower blooming is a beautiful experience and as always each day  clicked, whole process of opening of  Gardenia Anant flowers. The bud developed as an extension of a leaf nodule and looked off white and fully loaded and about to burst. The whole process is fascinating as the flower bud of anant flower opens gradually and the whole flower opened the next day. 
Also called the cup and saucer plant due to its unique shape. The fully opened anant flower looks similar to a white rose flower but the plant is totally different from rose plant, the leaves are different . There are also strong similarities with Tagar plant and only if you can identify the leaves of tagar can you distinguish between these two plants. The leaves of gardenia are similar to Ixora plant leaves. 
Practical Tips for flowering of Anant plant- One difficult task! to get gardenias to flower, at least I have experienced  the plant flower after years, loads of trimmings, a mature plant gives many blooms. Many people remove the plant as it does not flower soon. The basic reason must be quality of soil and added feedings. 
This anant flowering plant can tolerate direct sunlight so choose a nice sunny spot for good growth. Yet receiving sunlight only for few hours is best for this Gardenia. This is one of the main reasons why gardenias do not flower. 
We have three different plants and the flowers are different. Maybe there are  types of gardenias, the flowers are different shaped.One looks like roses, and the other is a distinct cup and saucer shape( we lost this one after this going to add up a new one soon)
Gardenia Cup and saucer Plant

 I have kept trimming the new shoots that grew side ways to give good shape to our anant plant and this is what triggered the flowering in the anant plant grown in container. The Gardenia Anant plant has given its first flowers within a year of planting but then it had been quiet for at least two years. 
This anant plant when grown in soil becomes a big tree and when fully laden it makes its presence felt till far away.
Give fertilizer before the beginning of hot summers immediately after winter as the plant in dormant state after chilly winters will get a new growth spurt at onset of summer.

Fully opened Gardenia flower

Awesum Cup and Saucer Plant
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Practical Suggestions Plants Care During Summer 5 Practical Simple Workable Tips for Garden during summer

With so many emails and photographs sent to inquire about serious conditions in plant health, writing this post to give practical tips during summers ,especially really hot summers!
and I really wish your plants are saved, take extra care of your plants that are growing in containers and are under the sun, with these tips and of course with loads of love!
1) Try to cover up the sides or top of the plants with cool green cloth, this is what we did, and it helped conserve some humidity in container plants.Green cloth is the cheapest and works wonders to lower atmospheric temperatures.This is seen in many gardens and plant nurseries.
2) water regularly and carefully. In summers never skip watering as till the end of the day plants without water droop.
Chinese Bamboo in our garden on a sunny day
3) Increase the quantity of water. See that the whole container gets enough water till base. Most times with little water only the top layer  of soil gets wet and the roots go dry, so there are chances of plant drooping and also you may lose them.
4) Water twice or thrice depending upon the  location you stay. Leaves curl, plants droop, and soil on top of container has cracked lines. Sometimes on very hot days you see plants looking wilted and drooping, add water, they will spring back. Because if you wait till the next day the plant becomes more weak trying to conserve energy facing the environmental heat.
5) I do shift some of my plants to a shadier location trying to avoid the direct sunlight for many hours during hot  summers. If possible shift some, or change places. Some delicate plants, usually smaller containers cannot survive for longer periods under sun, shifting them temporarily for summers helps.
These tips are only for plant problems occurring due to watering less during summers. Also do give a check for drooping plant for pest, most common are red ants that eat away  roots . Then also beetles and bugs begin to chew upon leaves and you see holes in leaves.
Pink Star Cluster drooping in summer

Plant shriveled during a hot summer day

Fresh pink star cluster after watering 
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ixora Flowers in beautiful Colours Tips for flowering of Ixora

Baby soft pink Ixora flowers
 Added a new plant with baby soft pink coloured blooms, Ixora! we had since years the peachy pink colored, this one is the toughest and survives for many years, Saw this huge tree at the Zoo ,to visit the penguins! and WOW, Awestruck by its beauty!
Huge Tree of Ixora at the Zoo
All year round flowering,easiest growing plant with loads of flowers and comes in beautiful colours.
Peachy Pink Ixora flowers, Toughest variety
 The toughest are the orange pink blooming ones that last for years, other variety are a bit delicate, white ixora, Orange ixora
Fully Loaded Ixora plant with flowers

Buds on ixora plant

Delicate pink Ixora flowers
Tips for flowering in Ixora-
From the variety of plants with so many years we did get one that was tough to flower.
1) there are non flowering types also that are tough to bloom. Buy the saplings with flowers on it.
2) Trimming helps a lot, they do grow like wild sometimes and we need to trim the bush to keep them in shape.
3) Water regularly and rich soil, but they are easy ones and do away with any special care.
4) Fertilizers are to be added carefully, I usually go in for natural cowdung only to enrich the soil.
5) Choose a spot where the Ixora receives indirect sunlight. With hot sun the flowers and leaves burn.
Till date, amongst the so many varieties , this one has given me immense happinesses! Go in for Ixora as container plants, border plants, central focal points in garden.
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
A  corner from my little space under the sun!
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant Growing Tips and Feng shui Symbolism of Correct Placement of yellow flower plants

Yellow Mussaenda
Tiny cute little yellow flowers, the Awesumness of nature, very unique, rare beauties! I thought this was a yellow Poinsettia plant and while I bought it for the tiny yellow beauties, they have since then given us so many blooms.
Yellow flowering plants are difficult to find and I wanted the yellow. Since yellow is a cheerful colour in feng shui and very important for feng shui  of north sector of your garden. Yellow flowers search continued and while I luckily chanced upon a small growth under our car in the society compound and thought that this will die off after the rains or maybe thunder showers may wash it away , so I adopted it, and it has since then given so many, oh many yellow blooms. So much for yellow, Love it!Turnera ulmifolia, Yellow Alder, good herbal plant,(read on Google)
Turnera ulmifolia Yellow Alder

Rajnagandha Fragrant Tube rose blooms 

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant
This one is pretty Awesum with tiny bracts, white leaves, and tiny yellow flowers. Yellow Mussaenda.  I get confused with the  scientific names and the sepals and the petals, but I love creative gifts from nature, so I keep searching for rare exotic flowering plants wherever we go for any trips.

The flowers look very beautiful amongst the dark viridian green leaves. It can be easily grown from cuttings and the baby too has begun giving blooms. Soil, I chose to be soft, for proper strength, not too grainy. Needs trimming when the plant grows too bushy. Have to be careful that water does not accumulate during rainy season. And I always do this, when a plant grows happily but is getting old with many years, I plant a baby to keep their generations going! This also helps encourage flowering. And well, I have not added any fertilizers to this plant since past  three years, it just looks happy so why interfere! And the baby too growing in a small pot is also flowering, one plant really worth for its unique blooms!
Yellow is a very auspicious colour and in feng shui golden colour represents wealth luck, so while we do not have gold flowers, actually, we have Golden Shower yellow flowers,  (you can  check out my unique one of a kind golden flower prints here) yellow does the work of adding up energy of gold.
Yellow flowers in your garden are also good to activate feng shui mentor luck and helpful friends sector luck, north west.
Gold Purple Fantasia
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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Simply bad Feng Shui For your garden Avoid doing This
Grow Gulmohar in a Container and see the Flowers too!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Simply Bad Feng Shui Vibes for Your Garden Avoid Doing This in Your Garden Throwing Brahma Kamal Plants

Bad vibes coming from your garden, simply bad feng shui, really avoid doing this in your garden.
 I will look more closely on all the plants and trees grown , as we do not know God has made every thing for a purpose and nothing in nature goes waste,we just have to find out. Guess nature has its own way of recycling.
Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant from my little space under the sun
At a Plant Nursery 

How often have you followed tales and avoided buying certain plants even if you like them? and even after adding them you are always sacred to go near them...After hearing a lot of tales and folk lores about this heavenly fragrant plant the desire to plant this bush in my terrace garden was too strong and this time I decided to add this raat rani plant to my family of fragrant jasmines and champa flowering plants. The fragrance is heavenly citrus and distinct and can be felt from many houses away especially in the summers when the days are hot and the nights cool. The new entry Raat ki rani plant is grown in container in a place where it gets partial sunlight for some parts of the day.
When the new plant was planted it drooped and few leaves also turned yellow and dropped. 
Avocado growing happily

Brahma Kamla plant

New Brahma kamal plant

You notice your fears and pre conceptions , beliefs affect your garden plants. seriously they give you so much love as you love them. 
I have always trusted and learned to follow my heart and my choice of flowering plants has been for the love of gardening and exotic blooms, never according to what people say! 
It was too much, when I saw in our society garden people had kept a pot of Brahma Kamal plant and some one would just pluck it and threw it on ground. luckily whenever I passed by I replanted it, but next day again it was found on the ground, I wonder why no body threw it in dust bin, or no rat ate it! so after three four times, I got so attached to the poor plant that I adopted it! 
from my experience with the plant, and its lore,  I have also seen people attach beliefs that souls get attached to this plant. maybe old people, generations. People in this beliefs remove these precious rare, plants and throw them..then also some people say sick old people who have tended that plant are unable to leave this world because of the attachment and they throw this plant....what a waste of some protected extinguishing species of plants!
yet, some where in my heart, it longs to see the Brahma Kamal blooms, the passion is too much...we have nearly seven plants growing happily, keeping fingers crossed to get to see some magical blooms!
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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