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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Acalypha hispida Avoid Growing Cats Tail Plant for Asthmatic People

Cat's tail Plant
Suffering from Ashthma is very stressful and with the attacks increasing due to pollution and internet radiation exposures it would be great to grow some green plants to help purify your space. Here a bit of caution in choosing plants helps a lot.
Yes it is true that plants are great, they refresh the space, environment and helps improve feng shui energy but there are a few that can do more damage to your health than help out and need to be grown with care.
Sharing here one such plant that looks so beautiful with its magenta, pinkish red furry blooms. The Cat's tail plant, Chenille plant, Acalypha hispida, a flowering shrub. Also known as Philippines Medusa, red hot cat's tail,  fox tail, the plant grows very fats and can go in feets even in containers.
Care has to be taken as parts of this plant are poisonous. The female plant bears pistillate flowers looking pinkish, purple, reddish maroon. Flowers grow in clusters at tip of stems.
Red Furry Long Blooms
Trimming helps keep the Cat's tail in shape and allows more flowering.
The plant looks Awesum with blooms and often draws attention from children. But the parts are poisonous and what happens when the flowers dry, they send off tiny furry parts that can enter your lungs and harm Asthmatic patients, senior people and pets more.
Avoid growing the Cat's tail in windows where the breeze enters your room or bedroom directly as these tiny furs will fill your space.

Pinkish red furry flowers Cat's tail plant
They love partial sunny spots and will wither off in direct exposure to sunlight. Soil needs to be well watered and moist. They are attacked by bugs and beetles eating up their leaves and even white fungus during winters.
Grow them as borders or centre plants where there are no direct exposure to people. Inhaling the furs is very dangerous, and this happens often when people take the flowers close and try to smell this.
While the Cat's Tail is very beautiful and attractive you can grow it in a space where there is not much breeze and they grow well even in dark garden corners brightening up any space with their attractive vibrant blooms!
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