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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ixora Flowers in beautiful Colours Tips for flowering of Ixora

Baby soft pink Ixora flowers
 Added a new plant with baby soft pink coloured blooms, Ixora! we had since years the peachy pink colored, this one is the toughest and survives for many years, Saw this huge tree at the Zoo ,to visit the penguins! and WOW, Awestruck by its beauty!
Huge Tree of Ixora at the Zoo
All year round flowering,easiest growing plant with loads of flowers and comes in beautiful colours.
Peachy Pink Ixora flowers, Toughest variety
 The toughest are the orange pink blooming ones that last for years, other variety are a bit delicate, white ixora, Orange ixora
Fully Loaded Ixora plant with flowers

Buds on ixora plant

Delicate pink Ixora flowers
Tips for flowering in Ixora-
From the variety of plants with so many years we did get one that was tough to flower.
1) there are non flowering types also that are tough to bloom. Buy the saplings with flowers on it.
2) Trimming helps a lot, they do grow like wild sometimes and we need to trim the bush to keep them in shape.
3) Water regularly and rich soil, but they are easy ones and do away with any special care.
4) Fertilizers are to be added carefully, I usually go in for natural cowdung only to enrich the soil.
5) Choose a spot where the Ixora receives indirect sunlight. With hot sun the flowers and leaves burn.
Till date, amongst the so many varieties , this one has given me immense happinesses! Go in for Ixora as container plants, border plants, central focal points in garden.
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
A  corner from my little space under the sun!
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