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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mogra Plants and Big Mogra Flowers Flowering Tips

Big Mogra flower buds
Mogra flower plant is one of the best fragrant plants that are so worth growing for their heavenly fragrance. What more the summers are never the same with mogra plants, once you grow them you will never look at other  plants.
The flowers are so big, button shaped with so many petals and they grow in bunches.
The joy begins when they give out buds,we have huge buds as the plant has grown quite healthy and after trimmings they give out a spurt of healthy blooms.
Healthy Mogra Plant with buds
Many emails come everyday asking for flowering tips and that their mogra plants do not give flowers. The main reason may be the genes as I always say buy mogra plants with a few buds on them so that you know the plant is fertile. My plant ahs a history and I really feel so blessed that I took the pains to remove physically the pests, red mealy bugs that had got attached to its roots and the plant was on verge of dying ten years back. And what more today it has grown so well, touch wood, and also its babies, from cuttings,  are giving out healthy blooms.
Practical tips for big sized mogra flowers-
1) Its basic constitution, choose plants that have bigger blooms. Of course after the nursery plants settle at our place they do not give out the same sized blooms and flowers are much smaller.
 2) Location- most important, the plant needs sunlight. Direct for few hours, this helps to protect your mogra plant from getting attacked by pests.
3) regular trimming especially after winters to see flowers in summers.
4) Feeding healthy, cowdung is best but ready mixes are also good. I usually never give it much as I personally feel plants need sunlight and proper watering to flower. Egg shells and used tea leaves are good. The type of feeding is important and how your plant takes to this, more fertilizer can sometimes kill plants and even go limp, where I have advised people to give their mogra plants through baths to wash off the extra and save the plants.
5) Keep the roots strong. This helps the plant to grow huge leaves and so do the flowers grow bigger. A healthy mogra plant has darker green glossy leaves and yellow leaves, burnt leaves, or lighter green leaves give out small flowers. So often I see the leaves and predict how the blooms will come out this season.
They are Awesum , Fragrant Mogra flowers, fully loaded white bundles of Joy!
I know people love to make hair decorations gajra, offer to God's in temples or decorate them at home for their fragrances, I prefer to keep them on the plants, they remain longer,  fragrance educes with each day and is best on the early mornings when the flowers blooms. Enjoy mogra fragrance in hot summer evenings when there is cool breeze, I do love this first in early mornings and late evenings, it is just out of this world feelings!

Big Mogra Plant bud
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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  1. I Love this quote about if you are the true lover of gardening "The glory of gardening hands in the mud, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul". I thoroughly read all of your well explained article I defiantly will add Mogra flower plant in my flowers directory actually I have heard about this flower before, but I didn't add this. I mostly contact with Stump removal companies they will maintain my garden and their look what exactly I am expecting anyhow Thanks for sharing this useful article :)

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