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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nature Has its Own Harmony Bleeding Hearts Vine Flowers Growing in a Circular Pattern Tips for flowering

Bleeding Hearts Vine Happy Flowers Growing in Circular Pattern
 When in doubt take a walk!The hot summers bring children and grown ups alike to our complex garden, and there is immense happiness and chatter for evenings till late night. The evening walks , apart from my terrace garden is another inspirational time for me as flowers are different and plants are growing in soil, so this again gives me different insights to gardening. What a beautiful circular growth of flowers, the original view is mesmerizing and unique.
Bleeding hearts vine has flourished into Awesum blooms. All growing in a pattern, just bringing in the thought that there is harmony and discipline in nature.
Flowers at the end tips of the stems ,each have a circular ball effect. Fluffy flowers , just like a creative unique ball. Smooth to touch and are very beautiful with their tiny red flowers in bracts of off white leaves.
We have the bright red flowers bleeding hearts vine that has contrasting white bracts and crimson lake red blooms.
Tips for Bleeding Hearts Flower Vine- Trim regularly, add cowdung twice a year, and give them a great shape. But I usually don't add up much, they grow happily with trimming! Be careful while trimming, buds appear on the tips of vine stems. Indirect sunlight and loads of love!
Circular growth pattern of flowers Bleeding hearts vine
 So the walking also brought new friends, these dogs are here in our society garden since they were babies, and are fond of everyone. No, I never feed them, but they show so much love always. Dogs are best friends and till date one of the best pets for life. Loyalty and friendship, sincere dedication and pure love!A lady who regularly feeds them, they jump and eat biscuits and play tricks, has given them names according to their special characteristics, my favorite one is Hritik Roshan with his browny sad light eyes,  quite a handsome fellow! Furry is so furry, you just cant help but touch her hair!
Hritik Roshan our society pet dog
Furry Society pet dog
 Walking is a great stress buster  and offers creative inputs to the artists in me. Walking also in pure soil, mud, red soil and in the green lawns bare feet,  feels great to be connected to Mother Earth, a lot of grounding energy today is required, as we are exposed to radiations and web for most parts of the day. Also living in high rise towers brings its disadvantages in form of energy leaks and rains. But, of course, waiting for rains, Rains are best in my little space under the sun!
Take walks regularly, they improve blood circulation and refreshes the mind.
Garden pathway Joggers track

 Do share your flowers clicks and unique clicks from nature and your garden,  one has its own uniqueness and lessons. Thank you for your over whelming emails, I try to answer as much as possible to help you out with gardening!
Cutie , society pet dog
Nature, flowers, plants and gardening clicks, inspiration continues in form of original healing paintings and digital artworks and of course creative expressions with flowers. For those who have plants always share there happiness, and I feel so so blessed when they say that I, my Garden care Simplified blog,  have inspired them to grow plants, to add plants and to begin a window garden or a terrace garden, really feels like on top of the world! The blog began as a way to share the mistakes and tricks I did to get my container plants to flower, to avoid the mistakes which I did and lost some...and to continue adding fresh plants to keep your space green... and has continued over many years with loads of happiness from readers and plant lovers.  and I wish more and more Newbies enter with the passion of gardening! Spreading happiness and pure energy around the globe!Thank you for your emails, and your plants photographs, your experiences and for trusting me and following sincerely my practical tips. THANK YOU!
Round Ball of Circular Growth Bleeding Hearts Vine Flowers
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