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Friday, May 19, 2017

3 Places where you Must never Grow Bougainvillea Plants Summers and Vibrant Colorful Bougainvellias

Florescent Pink Bougainvilleas, vibrant pink, peachy orange, yellow, white, lilac and even shaded variety, Summers are the best time and we see a lot of these Awesum Bougainvillea blooms every where on the roads. Best part is they require less care and grow even in the driest soils.
Pink Bougainvillea
As you observe the flowers, they are so thin, papery thin and light feathery, hardly  any weight, but they can stand even the strongest of winds! this is a really strange but true fact in nature, that even when you touch it by hand the flowers fall off and when there are strong winds yet they remain on the plant. .

Bougainvillea flowers
 They are often chosen for their showy flowers, unique, and also less care plants.
next time you think of adding these plants to your space consider these points, never keep/grow  bougainvilleas in these 3 places-
1) When you have small children at home, and when there are curious mischievous pets!  cats and dogs at home. The Bougainvillea plants have very sharp pointed thorns that can hurt anyone and create a lot of pain. Unknowingly getting scratched by the thorns can make the skin break to a rash or even get septic. Better to avoid these plants in such homes.
2) The Bougainvillea flowers and plant leaves are loved by rats! There is always danger that rat urine can be dropped by near the plants. never keep these plants in your bedroom window or living room window in case there are pests and rats coming by as they increase the risk of diseases. My terrace garden bougainvilleas plants are always chewed upon by rats and most times goes barren , but they spring back in less time. Also from feng shui point of view Feng Shui masters advise to avoid thorny and sharp pointed plants to be grown in bedroom or relationships sectors as they harm the relationships and inmates suffer a lot in maintaining peace and harmony.
3) Very important to keep the plants at the correct level. Choose a place to keep your bougainvilleas at a lower level or much higher level from the eye  level.
Bougainvilleas are awesum showy plants that hardly require any care for flowering, but need regular trimming to manage the thorny stems.  and add them for beauty, color and energy to your garden. Choose spots where they receive direct sunlight but do not come in high traffic areas , that is where people keep walking by regularly.
My practical special tip! We had plenty growing in huge containers but the maintenance was quite tiring, to trim a thorny stem is not an easy task! So grow the bougainvilleas in small containers only, they will give you more blooms. and also require less trimming effort! Tie the plants to give them shape or let them flow over a trellis so that the stems are in shape. and Enjoy the summery colours, All the Best from Rizwana!
Paper thin feathery light Bougainvillea flowers
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