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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fragrant Anant Gardenia Practical Flowering Tips

Fresh bloomed Anant flower

After two days Anant flower on Plant
The fragrance is very distinct and you can smell it even from a distance when the cool breeze sets during nights in summers. the heavenly fragrance, is Awesum, really worth, growing. 
Anant flower bud
 Anant , 
White Anant fragrant flower on plant
Gardenia Plants, is a fragrant flowering plant which gives out beautiful white flowers ,especially in summers when the days are hot the flowers begin blooming in the late evenings and are fully open during sunset. 
Like Juhi, jasmine and Mogra , that make summers Awesum, even Gardenias are beautiful bushes  that can grow into huge trees .   
Usually our society garden plant goes barren as soon as the blooms come up, in the name of religion to offer in temples. Even on explaining to them that flowers remain on the plant for a longer time, and when plucked they die off in a day, yet...
Heavenly Anant flower
Anant flower blooming is a beautiful experience and as always each day  clicked, whole process of opening of  Gardenia Anant flowers. The bud developed as an extension of a leaf nodule and looked off white and fully loaded and about to burst. The whole process is fascinating as the flower bud of anant flower opens gradually and the whole flower opened the next day. 
Also called the cup and saucer plant due to its unique shape. The fully opened anant flower looks similar to a white rose flower but the plant is totally different from rose plant, the leaves are different . There are also strong similarities with Tagar plant and only if you can identify the leaves of tagar can you distinguish between these two plants. The leaves of gardenia are similar to Ixora plant leaves. 
Practical Tips for flowering of Anant plant- One difficult task! to get gardenias to flower, at least I have experienced  the plant flower after years, loads of trimmings, a mature plant gives many blooms. Many people remove the plant as it does not flower soon. The basic reason must be quality of soil and added feedings. 
This anant flowering plant can tolerate direct sunlight so choose a nice sunny spot for good growth. Yet receiving sunlight only for few hours is best for this Gardenia. This is one of the main reasons why gardenias do not flower. 
We have three different plants and the flowers are different. Maybe there are  types of gardenias, the flowers are different shaped.One looks like roses, and the other is a distinct cup and saucer shape( we lost this one after this going to add up a new one soon)
Gardenia Cup and saucer Plant

 I have kept trimming the new shoots that grew side ways to give good shape to our anant plant and this is what triggered the flowering in the anant plant grown in container. The Gardenia Anant plant has given its first flowers within a year of planting but then it had been quiet for at least two years. 
This anant plant when grown in soil becomes a big tree and when fully laden it makes its presence felt till far away.
Give fertilizer before the beginning of hot summers immediately after winter as the plant in dormant state after chilly winters will get a new growth spurt at onset of summer.

Fully opened Gardenia flower

Awesum Cup and Saucer Plant
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