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Monday, May 1, 2017

Simply Bad Feng Shui Vibes for Your Garden Avoid Doing This in Your Garden Throwing Brahma Kamal Plants

Bad vibes coming from your garden, simply bad feng shui, really avoid doing this in your garden.
 I will look more closely on all the plants and trees grown , as we do not know God has made every thing for a purpose and nothing in nature goes waste,we just have to find out. Guess nature has its own way of recycling.
Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant from my little space under the sun
At a Plant Nursery 

How often have you followed tales and avoided buying certain plants even if you like them? and even after adding them you are always sacred to go near them...After hearing a lot of tales and folk lores about this heavenly fragrant plant the desire to plant this bush in my terrace garden was too strong and this time I decided to add this raat rani plant to my family of fragrant jasmines and champa flowering plants. The fragrance is heavenly citrus and distinct and can be felt from many houses away especially in the summers when the days are hot and the nights cool. The new entry Raat ki rani plant is grown in container in a place where it gets partial sunlight for some parts of the day.
When the new plant was planted it drooped and few leaves also turned yellow and dropped. 
Avocado growing happily

Brahma Kamla plant

New Brahma kamal plant

You notice your fears and pre conceptions , beliefs affect your garden plants. seriously they give you so much love as you love them. 
I have always trusted and learned to follow my heart and my choice of flowering plants has been for the love of gardening and exotic blooms, never according to what people say! 
It was too much, when I saw in our society garden people had kept a pot of Brahma Kamal plant and some one would just pluck it and threw it on ground. luckily whenever I passed by I replanted it, but next day again it was found on the ground, I wonder why no body threw it in dust bin, or no rat ate it! so after three four times, I got so attached to the poor plant that I adopted it! 
from my experience with the plant, and its lore,  I have also seen people attach beliefs that souls get attached to this plant. maybe old people, generations. People in this beliefs remove these precious rare, plants and throw them..then also some people say sick old people who have tended that plant are unable to leave this world because of the attachment and they throw this plant....what a waste of some protected extinguishing species of plants!
yet, some where in my heart, it longs to see the Brahma Kamal blooms, the passion is too much...we have nearly seven plants growing happily, keeping fingers crossed to get to see some magical blooms!
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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