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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant Growing Tips and Feng shui Symbolism of Correct Placement of yellow flower plants

Yellow Mussaenda
Tiny cute little yellow flowers, the Awesumness of nature, very unique, rare beauties! I thought this was a yellow Poinsettia plant and while I bought it for the tiny yellow beauties, they have since then given us so many blooms.
Yellow flowering plants are difficult to find and I wanted the yellow. Since yellow is a cheerful colour in feng shui and very important for feng shui  of north sector of your garden. Yellow flowers search continued and while I luckily chanced upon a small growth under our car in the society compound and thought that this will die off after the rains or maybe thunder showers may wash it away , so I adopted it, and it has since then given so many, oh many yellow blooms. So much for yellow, Love it!Turnera ulmifolia, Yellow Alder, good herbal plant,(read on Google)
Turnera ulmifolia Yellow Alder

Rajnagandha Fragrant Tube rose blooms 

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant

Yellow Mussaenda Flowering Plant
This one is pretty Awesum with tiny bracts, white leaves, and tiny yellow flowers. Yellow Mussaenda.  I get confused with the  scientific names and the sepals and the petals, but I love creative gifts from nature, so I keep searching for rare exotic flowering plants wherever we go for any trips.

The flowers look very beautiful amongst the dark viridian green leaves. It can be easily grown from cuttings and the baby too has begun giving blooms. Soil, I chose to be soft, for proper strength, not too grainy. Needs trimming when the plant grows too bushy. Have to be careful that water does not accumulate during rainy season. And I always do this, when a plant grows happily but is getting old with many years, I plant a baby to keep their generations going! This also helps encourage flowering. And well, I have not added any fertilizers to this plant since past  three years, it just looks happy so why interfere! And the baby too growing in a small pot is also flowering, one plant really worth for its unique blooms!
Yellow is a very auspicious colour and in feng shui golden colour represents wealth luck, so while we do not have gold flowers, actually, we have Golden Shower yellow flowers,  (you can  check out my unique one of a kind golden flower prints here) yellow does the work of adding up energy of gold.
Yellow flowers in your garden are also good to activate feng shui mentor luck and helpful friends sector luck, north west.
Gold Purple Fantasia
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