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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why we need Extension Ladders for Garden

Why we need extension ladders in garden, while we think ladders only help in home cleaning, even in the garden ladders help out in many activities that would other wise need external help. Leave aside the regular maintenance costs of trimming trees and plant cutting, ladders, that too extension ladders help out  a lot.  Once investment helps to work independently in your garden maintenance thus saving recurrent costs on maintaining your garden. Extension ladders, multi purpose ladders, we come to know their importance when we need to trim a tree or shift the extra bulk to the loft. A good ladder helps to easily climb and comfortably put things  above the loft. 
Garden care

 A stable good quality extension ladder will help you to install shades, awnings and  umbrella covers during rains easily.   Not only will  you be able to look and fit the awnings securely with the help of  a  ladder you will also be able to clean the water fountain easily by accessing to the top level.
Garden furniture Umbrella Maintenance with extension ladders

Garden water Fountain Maintenance with Extension Ladders
The hard task of carrying heavy weight ladders to the garden is difficult for everyone and here light weight extension  ladders come to help a lot. Extension ladders again an important  gardening tool required for your home as well as garden. 
With a good quality ladder you can easily trim your trees as well as tall plants by yourself avoiding all the hassles of calling professional cutters and garden maintenance becomes so easy when you can access the tree top with a sturdy good quality extension ladder. 
Also these multi purpose  ladders make summer cleaning easy at home this is a good feng shui by regularly cleaning cobwebs and moving the energy from dull stagnant energy spaces bringing in positive energy. Always follow the safety guidelines and advice for using extension ladders   given on the product while using these ladders at home as well as garden.

For the extension ladders consider the material it is made of and the fittings are secure and safe for use, and of course easy to carry,  store and use. There are plenty of  sizes  in ladders and when buying one do consider the height of your tallest ceiling and plants, as bigger ones will make your head touch the roof and smaller ones will make it difficult to access the top.
Buy good quality ladders because health safety comes first and you don't  want someone falling off would be a great loss to health, with bones fractures and also lots of expenses, or shaky ladders making you fearful to do a task. Check secure stable fittings and legs as this is another very important part  of any ladder.
Use the size required for the task at hand and avoid using very tall ladders with complete extensions or very small ones,  select the right ladder extension size according to task at hand.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Grow Badishep at Home Badi Shep Fennel Seeds Sauf plant Properties and Types

Grow badi shep at home, very easy growing plant among spices and herbs and also does not require much care. Used for healing in various disorders badi shep is a favorite among all age groups and has become  a  quick after meal ritual in many homes.
 Foeniculum vulgari (little hay) the botanical name , in sanskrit known as shatapushpa.
sauf, badi shpe, paan muheri, variari, badi-sopu, fennel seeds have plenty of names as I came to know of  this beautiful tasty easy growing herb. While we gorged on badi shep since childhood,  the mouth fulls of tasty sweet juicy seeds still brings back lots of happy memories. And while this still is an important  part of the daily after meal / tea ritual, the different types of badi shep available in market did fascinate us.
The colorful sugar coated sweet  badi shep , commonly known as "chuhe ki lendi" the name sounds YUK today (named maybe because of the shape)  but was a relishing one then. Yellow, red, orange, white, greens , blues all colors of sugar coated badi shep are still loved by children. Then comes the yellow badi shep. Coated with water and haldi, turmeric this has additional properties to aid in healing digestion and colds. There is also this lovely fascinating sweet mixture of colored grated supari and sauf, and of course the beetle leaf metha paan with sauf.  Then there is the dhania ki daal added to badi shep also tasting very inviting  and the dried roasted badi shep that after drying off the moisture again tastes heavenly and melts easily in mouth. Immense possibilities in types of sauf, eating sauf the effects  are the same,  feelings of happiness and well being.
While there are some who mention the ill effects of sauf when taken in large doses regularly for many years, I am sure they out  last the happy effects and thus sauf continues to rule the main ingredient as a great mouth freshener.  A good appetizer badi shep also helps in healthy bowels movements and a decoction of boiling fennel seeds in water  is used to reduce constipation.
The ripe fruits are what we eat as badi shep, they are quite fragrant and very good mouth fresheners since ages.The good quality badi shep are very juicy and as we chew emit a strong fragrance and cleanses the mouth and also aids in digestion. Stimulates appetite and improves digestion sauf has been used after meals and is a regular feature with every paan. Next will share on paan beetle leaf as  the climber is growing profusely commanding attention.
Fennel seeds Badi shep plant
 Such a common name in every household little did I know it was also so easy growing, except for the birds and sparrows who love to nibble on the young shoots and very soon make the pot bald! You will need to cover the early saplings with soft cloth or net to protect from external environmental hazards like strong wind and birds.
Badi shep plant
Fresh badi shep seeds available can be planted in  a flat pot or container till  the new shoots come up, as the plant grows like a climber falling off the container they may be repotted in bigger sized pots. Delicate bushy climber like almost resembles the cyprus vine , the only difference comes when the yellow flowers are seen  as cyprus has bright red funnel shaped flowers.
Fennel seeds grow Badi shep at home
 Buds appear within few weeks after planting seeds, they open as beautiful tiny stars yellow flowers. The seeds  appear as fruits on the plant and fresh seeds are green and juicy. The fruit then matures or dries  off and then we get the fennel seeds available as in the market.
Badi shep  has immense medicinal properties and helps in many diseases, especially stomach disorders.  One of the famous dry spices and herbs this badi shep plant comes as a  bulb that grows underground and spreads fast.
Used also to aid in improving immunity fennel seeds sauf helps in colds and coughs also.
Care of your Badi Shep Plants- Very easy to grow but difficult to care in the beginning.
1) Water in small amounts keeping the soil moist till the new shoots come out.Once the soil dries off the seeds also will not sprout. When plant looks healthy transplant in bigger sized pot carefully   taking care of the bulbs below.
2) Till the shoots grow healthy cover the container with soft cloth or net too protect from birds as they love to pluck these tiny fresh shoots and many times I have given up growing this! as this is quite a hobby and past time for pigeons and sparrows while they come to the garden for a drink.
3) The fresh seeds have juice that is some what acidic and may be heavy on the stomach only dry fennel seeds are good so protect your fennel seeds plant till the fruits ripen..
4) On more watering the plant gets soggy , the stems become limp and plant dies off with too cloggy soil .Well draining soil is essential for healthy growth of badi shep   sauf plant.
5)  With strong sunlight the fruits turn black with very strong sunlight, taste bitter and dry. It is advisable to shift the pot with fruits to a shadier part where the badi shep plant receives partial sunlight.
Badi shep can be very easily grown at home as nowadays it has become very costly this sure will help you to save some money from your grocery expenses!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cost Effective Ways to Renew the Look of Your Garden Simple Steps to Refurbish your Garden

It is normal to get bored with how your garden looks from time to time. That is why you occasionally need to give it a makeover in order to keep it looking fresh and interesting. But this is something that a lot of people avoid since they think it will be expensive and time-consuming. That is not always the case. With the help of these simple tips, you will be able to give your garden a makeover without breaking the bank or making a hole in your pocket!
1) Pay attention to the canopy

If you have a canopy in your garden, you don’t have to change it in order to make it look new. Oftentimes, a thorough cleaning is all that is needed. Be careful when you clean the
canopy covers because have the potential to get damaged the easiest. If they have a few holes or rips, some stitching and patch work might be necessary, but you can still get them looking much better with a little effort.

2) Add a new coat of paint
Everything looks better with a new coat of paint. From the patios to the furniture to the window and door frames, a new painting job is oftentimes the best way to make them look brand new. Just be sure that you are using the right kind of paint since it needs to last for a long time and endure the weather.

3) Add some new Garden Ornaments
Sometimes, in order to make your garden look new you need to add new stuff to it. The same look day in and day out makes your garden dull, however green it might be. Since furniture can be expensive , the best course of action is to get yourself some new garden ornaments. Give a thorough look everywhere around the garden as  to which parts need some more energy and also whether any  of the garden ornaments have broken, torn or chipped.  You can throw away some of the older ones that have seen better days and find some suitable replacements.

When it comes to garden accessories, decorations, and furniture, YesComUSA is your best choice. Here,  at you will be able to find exactly what you were looking for and all within your budget, too.
With such a wide range of products and great offers you get to shop online and make a quick easy makeover to your garden.
All the Best!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garden Gazebo and Pool Covers

Garden gazebos and pool covers importance one realises when the dust and leaves cover the whole pool area and it pains our heart to see our children playing in dirty water. 
Garden equipment of good quality will affect the time your spend and enjoy your greens. Garden Gazebos, open terraces can be best enjoyed when there is a cozy place to  sit and enjoy even during hot summers and pouring rain. Gazebos available in many colors and materials thye work like a shade from  the scorching heat. You can enjoy the downpour right from under the sky on your open garden with a proper shade gazebo, as the garden just becomes impossible to enter during heavy down pours.
Garden Care Simplified
Sun shade for pools is another very important part of your landscaped garden with swimming pools. Covering the garden for shade, for playing areas, swimming pools and ponds, or just a place to sit under the sun without getting the scorching harmful UV rays, installing a cool blue shade or a geometric triangular shape of shade always adds up to the style quotient of your garden.

It is better to select a water proof sturdy materiel for the garden gazebo. The metal frames must be rust proof and sturdy. Select a material that is thick and heavy to drape well as a top cover to the metal frame for your garden gazebo and it is always better to buy a gazebo material a bit bigger in size than your original gazebo frame, the get good shade and stylish looking gazebo in your garden.

always get the correct sized gazebo top  or a bit larger than your original garden gazebo frame. A smaller one will be of no use!

UV harmful rays are another factor which needs consideration while we sit to enjoy our cup of coffee in the early afternoons  or evenings, to protect us from the harmful rays. While it is good to have a gazebo in your garden it is important to have strong fitting to take care of the winds. We do not want the material flying to pieces shredded with strong winds and continuous rains and exposure to direct sunlight for hours.

Exposure of continuous sunlight, winds and water however good quality garden furniture and equipment you take it is understood that you will need a replacement every few or so years. Selection of a good quality garden gazebo material is very important, as we need less replacements of gazebo material in a few years. Waterproof material and sturdy to bear the heat and rain along with strong winds is what is needed for any gazebo material. Many online garden furniture websites have great offers on garden gazebo and many other wonderful and stylish garden furniture and products, you can avail  great offers on garden equipment, knick knacks and furniture at great discounts.

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