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Monday, October 7, 2013

Precautions for growing Aloe Vera Plant Aloe Vera Flowers Serene Calm Lake Trekking

Precautions for Growing Aloe Vera Plant
 Precautions need to be taken for growing aloe vera plant as the plant is all covered with thorny layer on its edge.  Aloe vera plant being one of the  best healing and medicinal properties plant is grown in many special cultivations for its multiple uses. The Aloe vera plant was at a time seen in almost every home a few years back and this now is becoming extinct as people are avoiding growing thorny plants for feng shui purposes.
With its soft mushy center of slimy substance the plant is covered with thick cover and has thorns at its edges. Precautions must be taken when you plant this useful plant as the thorns can easily scratch the skin coming in contact with the edge and also accidentally tear clothes getting stuck up while moving near the plant.
Aloe Vera Plant Photo
What caught my attention in a home was the beautiful flowering stem of the Aloe Vera Flowers.  The beautiful stem of Aloe Vera grows like any other bulb rhizome growing plant and brings out a long stem of flowers attached to it, just like the rajni gandha and lily  or amaryllis plants.  The flowers are a beautiful orange , peach colored one and open one by one along the circular arrangement of the stem.
Precautions for growing Aloe Vera plant- grow  in well draining soil and water less.Containers need to be tough as the plastic containers wear out soon and the plant has the habit of overflowing from all sides increasing the risk of getting hurt. Keep away from pets and small children, the leaves are very sharp and pointed edges. Though it breaks easily the soft mushy material may not be good  for every skin type and can sometimes create rashes when getting abrased by thorns.
Always keep the aloe vera plant at a lower or higher level away from body especially eye level. Better to plant aloe vera with surrounding other foliage plants. This is also a very good plant for rock gardens surrounded by rocks stones just like the agave plants. Consider growing aloe vera plant in very low traffic areas of your garden where people come less.
Do not try to keep the plant inside home as  even though you may know the plant precautions, your guest may not know and accidentally children may get hurt.
All precautions taken for any cactus plant are to be kept in mind while planting aloe vera plant.
Aloe Vera Flowering Stem
Close Up of Aloe Vera Thorns Stems
Meanwhile it has been few months when the baby crow has grown quiet healthy and big but still keeps cawing for food  from parents, they have no option but to ignore! feeding from parents mouth, they just love pampering,  the male crow with distinct erect head feathers, darker in color,  the female with a greyish black color with smooth head feathers and the baby with unkept head feathers with bulging eyes! absolutely  very very black shiny feet. Babies of crow have big feet and big eyes with pink mouth.

Family of Crows along with baby crow

White Pigeon among the whole group

Serene Calm Lake

Trekking Destinations

Emu a rare  extinct Bird
Visiting the natural surroundings brought another bird a rare one, emu, he feeds by our hand and eats anything given by villagers.  Friendly bird this one is.
Natural Water Falls
As for the garden  it is full of fragrant flowers this season as the rains do not seem to be parting from us even in october, lets enjoy!
Roses , Adenium, Chameli, and spider lillie, kaner,  are in bloom! quiet colorful  and fragrant with the cool breeze in the late evenings and early mornings. Cloudy skies are in no way going to make the garden gloomy with loads of color  and strong fragrances around!

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