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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Money Plant Rules as Feng Shui Wealth Cure Watering the Money Plant Feng Shui Wealth Tips Myths on Money Plant

Feng Shui Wealth Grow Money Tips
 Why money plant is ruling the feng shui cures today as a wealth luck cure, easy availability , growth  and greenery. Watering the money plant carefully and always keeping the moisture content high is one of the easiest and cheapest trick to grow your money plant healthy and having large leaves.
Feng shui wealth tips can be easily accommodated by using money plant and keeping it healthy and in good condition to improve your wealth and money luck.
Money Plant Growing Tips Large Leaves of Money Plant
 How to grow huge large money plant leaves? the money plant being a climber plant needs some support to grow and even though this point was at some time a negative feng shui plant, as it was believed that the person growing this money plant would always cling for support and never be able to work independently,  has now come up in the easiest feng shui cure list for wealth luck.
Adequate support given to the money plant will assure huge sized leaves and also good health for your plant.
Watering needs to be regular till the plant takes roots and then keeping the soil almost moist helps the plant to grow healthy.
Though the plant is poisonous and not edible the plant does help to reduce indoor air pollutants and also  some people advice to grow it in fish aquariums as the roots help to keep the tank clean and the money plant thrives on the waste in the fish tank. Beware of mosquitoes and insects that are attracted to the rotting roots of this plant if your money plant is kept in water.
Important tip  for growing money plant in water- dip the plant in water. Use a narrow mouthed bottle so that the stem stands  erect  in the bottle and the end is always in contact with water.  Keep the water   of your money plant clean by removing dead roots and leaves as the whole plant may rot with time in dirty water.
 Myths still prevail and as the climber also has the tendency to take over the place easily growing fast people try to shy away from growing this money plant. Buildings that are in ruins would often see these plants growing enormously and hence the belief prevailed that this plant has brought ill luck to the residents of the building. When in fact it was the other way round, that is the building has been empty hence the climber has taken over and with cracked broken walls there are enough chances of water retention with moss growing all along and high moisture content in such dilapidated buildings.
Myths also involved that the money plant would create clashes in the home as the stems always get entangled together while growing. Which has in fact no scientific base. The money plant can grow in any direction that you guide it and also looks great when covering the window lining a beautiful green. The stems when allowed to grow in haphazard manner will get entangled so you can trim them or grow them in separate containers and give tall support as moss stick or bamboo stick.
Another one, snakes habitat near this plant, was of course because of its thick growth in uncontrolled greenery  and bushes, when of course we have a growing snail here in thick growth with the high moisture !
Some also say that having this plant grown in your home may take away all your wealth and for this many people have removed their healthy money plants and thrown them. Also that if you wish to grow your wealth steal this plant and grow, and if it grows healthy your wealth will increase!
Hiding the money plant, protect the money wealth from evil eye , another one, and people try to grow  this plant in dark interiors when in fact this is also a plant and needs some indirect sunlight to grow.
Somehow I have seen shifting the plant too many times, replanting it too many times makes the plant unstable and it may also die or rot, plucking often by birds at a time we had almost lost everything  of the plant! (happens in soil grown money plant) but luckily it come up even with a small stem when put in water.
Feng Shui Wealth Tips
The scientififc name of this beautiful green plant is Epipremnum aureum also called Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy.
Why money plant is now ruling as a good feng shui plant-
1) Very easy to grow, anyone can grow this plant.
2) Greenery is a symbol of wealth and money in feng shui so green easy growing is easy money, feng shui money luck.
3) Does not require much space , can be grown in small bottle also  in water.  This simple feng shui cure does not require any major expenses and care for attracting more wealth and money luck to your life. This money plant can be grown in any direction but for best results,grow this plant in south,  east, south east section for wealth luck.
4) Purifies air and improves the environment with its fresh foliage greenery. Natural cheapest air purifier.
5) As till date Feng shui cure Bamboo shoots are still costly as they rule the feng shui market in plants and this plant can be bought at cheaper rate and many times even free from cuttings,
as for stealing this plant,  ! too much negative energy may come along by stealing, even if it grows, some how it would reflect that we are promoting back door prosperity, just my thoughts.
Our money plant is thriving in the soil mud pot that has no hole at bottom, so the accidentally bought flawed pot, in which no other plant would grow, has been a  boom to the money plant!
Enjoy greenery and grow money, improve feng shui wealth luck,  by growing money plant, remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else...  plant money!
All the Best!


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  2. How to grow money plants on growing stick homemade video

  3. How to grow money plants on growing stick homemade video

    1. Mitul Solanki, this is so Awesum! Loved the video, and thank you for sharing this for all the readers of Garden Care Simplified!
      A wonderful way and best way too grow money plant!
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for this very informative article! I have two very healthy money plants. My friends always comment on how beautiful they are.
    My question is this: should the stems of the money plant grow in a specific direction (i.e. upwards) for good Feng Shui? At the moment, they are sitting high and the stems grow down.
    Thank you,

  5. thanks for sharing very informative article,i love yourpost.

    Hni Calls In Commodity

    1. Thanks for liking my blog! All the Best. From Rizwana!


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