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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Effective and Cheap Air Purifiers- Plants

Beautiful Couple of Fragrant Roses
With atmospheres cooling and giving a pleasant climate we have chilly mornings and hot afternoons. With gardening over the many years I have now learned to focus on planting important plants and those that will last longer and be all seasons plants. Many people are not aware that plants act as air purifiers and air fresheners and that too along with giving us the pleasure of being with nature at its closest.

  Having mentioned a lot about air freshener plants like the fragrant roses and rajni gandha let us now mention a few plants that act as air purifiers. We know that the pollution levels are at a high rise and we are daily bombarded with fumes, grime, company wastes and along with that the construction debris, all accumulate and have a bad effect on our health. On studying about plants I have come to understand that plants act as natural air purifiers.
As they are living and give out and maintain the oxygen level in the atmosphere. Some people do have a view point about plants exhaling and inhaling as they are living but this is much lesser than the benefits of plants as air purifiers.

Tall Spider Lily Plant

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plant as Air Purifier

Chinese Evergreen Plant
Some of the plants that are beneficial for purifying air are peace lily, snake plant, Boston fern and bamboo that is ever green and brightens any environment.

Elegant Tall Snake Plant as Air Purifier

Variegated Snake Plant

Spider Lily Plant
There is scientific evidence that plants act as good air purifiers and are an healthy choice compared to air conditioners and air purifier machines.
While selecting plants as air purifiers do consider a few points- If you have pets and small children please find out about the toxicity of the plant. Better to avoid placing plants on the floor and for this purpose you can have hanging pots with air purifying plants.
Also consider the amount of water and sunlight your indoor plant may require and as having a healthy plant is very important than having to look at a sick plant that is dying. Place the air purifying plant near the window for best results. Money plant is also a good option of ever growing green plant that requires less care but I am not sure of the benefits regarding this plant as air purifier. Peace lily plants are proved to be good air purifier plants. Snake plant and mother in laws tongue or variegated snake plants are a good choice though in Feng Shui some people avoid long pointed plants indoors, but the benefits of these plants are good for the environment. Chinese ever green is another plant that is soothing to the eyes and also good for the air.
The basic principle before selecting air purifying plants is to do some research on their toxicity and edibility as accidently a child or pet my eat them. So take the necessary precautions before bringing plants indoors for air purifying purposes.
Having a jade plant is also very good and also considered lucky in feng shui. This plant I do not know about the health benefits but they do improve the look of your living room and also the added bonuses from feng shui come along!
I have tried many plants and the few best ones are noted here, though the list is unlimited as to what plants you can grow and there are many plants that are very good for health as air purifiers, the list remaining endless and I being an amateur gardener still have a long journey to go in learning about plants the wonder creation of God!


  1. Hmm..Flowers are natural air fresheners, and these are the most fragrant of all. Synthetic perfumes have nothing against the wonderful scent you can get from flowers.
    Jamie Keifer

  2. thanks and also you get wonderful fragrant perfumes from natural flowers

  3. People have started going for air purifier
    for plants now a days. If they are effective & cheap, what else can they need.

    1. Thanks Joe, Bry Air, a great solution to control environmental humidity, welcome good health.

  4. nice blogs
    Air Purifiers We believe breathing air as pure as nature intended is a basic human right. This inspiration led to the design of the world’s best air purifiers. Innovated with love in Sweden, Blueair purifiers combine the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) with the lowest noise for measurable results delivered silently, effectively, and stylishly.

  5. Thanks a lot Sanjay for liking my blog, Yes pure air is one of the basic necessity today, that has become a privilege in this polluted atmosphere.
    Thanks for sharing this info and helpful link here for my readers of Garden Care Simplified!
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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