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Friday, November 4, 2011

Care of Sick Rajni Gandha Plant and Tips for Healthy Growth of Rajni Gandha

One of the easiest and one of my favorites is the Rajni Gandha plant. With fragrant white funnel shaped flowers these are used in garlands and bouquets very often. Rajni gandha plants are propagated by tubers or rhoizomes that is they are lump shaped balls that when planted can be grown as new plants. Hence the plant is also called tube rose plant. These plants are available according to the number of blooms they give, that is the number of stems, Single stem plant, double stem and also there are rajni gandha plants that give heavy six stem blooms that are expensive and rare breed of tube rose plants.
Heavenly Fragrance  Tube Rose flower
The plants grows in clusters of green leaves and can grow healthy in full direct sunlight. Care of rajni gandha plant is very easy and it requires only watering and less feeds.
Close up of Rajni Gandha Roots

The main reason the rajni gandha plant will not grow healthy is when they are attacked   by some pests. My plant is frequently attacked by black ants usually after the rains and this leads the plants becoming limp and the plant looking weak. When you see the leaves of the tube rose plant you can immediately understand if the plant is healthy or sick. A sick rajni gandha plant will have limp and dropping leaves.

Rajni Gandha Plant with Dropping leaves
 Watering a sick rajni gandha plant needs care and precautions otherwise continuing watering sick rajni gandha plant will nearly kill it. Try to first clear all dried and dropping leaves. Clean the surrounding area and remove possible ants. Try to tie the dropping leaves in a bunch and give it some support for few days till the roots get some strength to allow the plant to stand on its own.
Healthy Rajni Gandha Plant/ Healthy Tube Rose Plant
Once the plant is firm you can see new bright green leaves coming up from the centre of the plant. Rajni gandha is a beautiful flowering plant that gives white fragrant blooms. The flowers come up in form of erect stems that have flowers growing in circular arrangements.
Grow the rajni gandha for its heavenly fragrance, a stem of rajni gandha, even a single flower is enough to make the whole room fragrant! especially  in the evenings the flower is at its fragrant best.
Tip to keep blooms for longer is to cut the long stems after many blooms have come up and put the stem indoor in water. This will allow you to enjoy the blooms for a very long time.

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