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Monday, November 28, 2011

Understanding the Feng Shui Garden

Feng shui is an art and science of selection of good and proper plants to bring harmony in your garden. In simple terms feng shui means wind and water and if these principles of feng shui are considered before making a terrace garden then it will give you a satisfying and good result. The feeling of being relaxed and refreshed is what you will get from your feng shui garden.
Tips for a feng shui garden begin from first considering the map of ba gua and the  five elements and directions. Just like you would feng shui your house so also consider the same principles for your terrace garden. Remember your house is yin and garden is yang so choose your plants carefully and selectively.
1- select red and purple coloured tall plants for south. blue and light greens for the north and yellow and pinks for the south west region of your garden. Darker plants for north and lighter , brighter for south.
2. If there is a drain try to minimise the negative energy here and encourage positive chi in this feng shui garden. As in feng shui any drain will affect your finances negatively try to keep the drain concealed with few plants. In my garden we have a big drain hole in the south and we have planted a huge tree in a big container to block the negative energy of this area. Simultaneously if your drain is in the north area or any other area that corresponds to your finances and career or family health and relationships consider planting some heavy plant to pull the energy upwards instead of downwards. Avoid low falling creepers and climbers are good here.
3. Try to incorporate stone, soil, plants and metal into your feng shui garden. In this way you will bring all the five elements, water, wind, wood, metal and fire into your garden. Having a small fireplace or open grill for outdoor cooking can be a good enhancer for your feng shui terrace garden and also give you a reason to party. If not possible select red coloured plants for south and blue flowers or purple plants for north.
4.Since it is very auspicious in feng shui to have a water feature and encourage birds to feed and bathe here it may not always be possible to install a water fountain or waterfall  here due to electricity and wiring problems. If it is not possible to have water element in your feng shui garden then make do with small bird bath or small container with water. Also you can put up a picture of water flowing or water fall in your garden to improve energy of your career and helpful friends area. In fact any area of your garden where you need an extra push in energy can have a water feature except for the south as we all know that south area corresponds to your fame and recognition area and the element here is fire and water is not good for fire and this will extinguish your desire for any progress and work.
If your garden comes in the north area of your house, then it may not be possible for you to have many plants here and you can have a rock garden here having rocks, tough plants and dry areas especially make a rock garden for the north east as this is the area for self realisation and getting the true path of your life.
Understanding the feng shui garden by the principles of feng shui will give you a better guidance for selection of plants and care of your feng shui garden. Another thing which I have personally learned through experience is that try to use less water, as in feng shui water is considered money and the more water you waste in your feng shui garden the more it will affect in your rise in finances expenditures.

Silver Jade Plant

Green Jade Plant- Money Plant in Feng Shui
If you want to improve your finances and wealth through feng shuing your garden select plants with rounded corners and round shaped pots as in feng shui round resembles money.
Succulent Jade Feng Shuii Wealth Plant
All the Best from Rizwana!
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