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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cheery Yellow Flowering Plant

Yellow Flowers in Bunches
How would it be to bring bright colour in your garden. Yellow colour is proved to improve your mood and uplift your moral. Planting some yellow in the garden will surely brighten up your day and this plant is very easy growing and can tolerate some hours of direct sunlight.

Beautiful Yellow Flowering Plant

 The sun yellow is a very good colour and these flowers are a mixture of mango and lemon yellow colour. They grow in bunches and the whole stem looks very attractive when it is laden with yellow flowers. Each stem has a bunch of buds coming up and they bloom together to give a great show.
Yellow Flowers
The plant though a tough one is prone to white aphids and fungus, usually due to over watering. This plant will bloom with the regular feedings of water and fertilizer, but the fungus sometimes does prove fatal to the plant and many times there is no cure except to replace the plant.

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