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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rose Flowers Original Photos and The Fragrant Rose Planting Tips

This is a dream come true. The terrace garden looks very attractive with fragrant colourful rose bushes of so many colours. Roses as we all know are not just for the name as king of flowers, but they are unique and special flowers. Available in so many colours and shades rose flowers are also fragrant and have a heavenly fragrance. Searching for yellow roses since a very long time and finally the search ended and I got a yellow coloured rose bush. I do not know how many plants will survive from these but I wish them all luck!
New Rose Bushes in Garden
With experience I have seen that rose plants are so simple to grow but they have to adapt themselves to your climate and soil mixture and your watering habits. Once the new rose plant is rooted well and you see fresh green leaves on tips of the stems then you have won.
Yellow Rose Bush

 After planting them today the peach coloured rose plant did show signs of dropping buds... and the orange shaded variety had a stress syndrome.  Few leaves turned yellow and dropped. Now, will begin, the real care for rose bushes and rose plants as this phase after planting new rose plants is very important, for their successful and healthy growth. The whole success of growing a healthy rose plant is to water regularly everyday till the new plant develops new growths. Once you see hat the plant has rooted well then you can add fertilizers for flowering , but do not immediately add any fertilizer for new rose plant as this will give them over load and stress. They first need time to establish their root system and then concentrate on blooms.
Attractive Friendly Yellow Rose Flower Bush

Orange and Red Shading Rose Flowering Bush

Single Friend Yellow Rose

Fragrant Colourful Rose Flowers

Single Red Rose Flower
Our rose bush was also happy to have new friends in our terrace garden and with its big majestic bloom alongside the new plants that looked tiny with smaller blooms. They will soon pick up I hope so with plenty of blooms to come.
Red Shaded Rose with Wrinkled Petals

Yellow and Orange Shading Rose Flowers

Happy Rose Flowers in the Sun
Rose Flowers and rose plants when planted in large numbers make an impressive style statement. This is a treat to your eyes and all your senses!

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