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Monday, October 31, 2011

Practical Advice to Buy Healthy Petunia Flowering Plant

Captivating Sunset
Winter has begun and with this are some flowering plants coming to life. We can see colours everywhere as the sun is setting as we visit the local plant nursery for buying few new plants to add to our family.
Close up of White Petunia Flower
 The petunia plants have been flowering like wild and we can see colours everywhere. A petunia being the most easiest growing flowering plant grows with blooms in bunches. You will get so many flowers that like me even you will become addicted to the plant of petunia and every year wish to plant the petunias for their attractive blooms. We have planted every year so many colours and this does give a new energy and freshness to any garden.
Colorful petunias
Pink Petunia Flower
Petunias are available in many colours and we see pink, yellow, purple, red, maroon, white, dark red, orange and also many petunias that are of shaded variety giving two coloured flowers.
Healthy Petunia Flowering Plant
How to buy Petunia Plant? A healthy petunia plant is a must for getting successful blooms. I do remember that we had a sick plant that had shriveled leaves and we had lost hope but this plant had survived the most among all the other petunia plants and given blooms for longer. Keeping aside this rare example the petunia plants have to be selected healthy and if the plant is not looking fresh please do not buy it as when the root structure is not strong the plant will die. Also do not take advice from the nursery man here in Mumbai and Thane as they have the tendency to sell anything! Without the right guidance and suggestions, many times they will sell a shade loving plant for a direct sunlight growing zone, even today as I ask about the plants requirements , same answer, flowering 12 months , no care and grow anywhere! That does bring a smile on my face!
So these petunia plants are seasonal plants and they will grow till rainy season only, so a good show will go on for at least 5 to 6 months. Petunia plants must be carefully selected. First try to do a survey of all the available petunia plants and also consider which colour flowers are seen on the plant. This will narrow down your search and after selecting a few plants make the nursery man remove the plants outside and view them closely. With my personal experience the shaded variety are weaker than the single coloured petunia plants. The sturdiest and toughest is light pink, white and purple coloured petunias.
This is very important to survey the plant from all sides and this tip is for buying any new plant. Look for the leaves and any signs of disease as dots or dried leaves. Mushy smell or falling plant which the seller will say is due to watering,... no the root system is weak hence the plant is falling from the pot. For selecting a petunia plant see that the plant is bound to the pot and looks fresh. see for signs of new fresh small leaves at the tips. Hanging pots are best for growing petunias and they need a well draining soil.
An important tip for buying coloured petunia flowering plant is that you select the plant that shows blooms, you may end up with similar looking plant that will never bloom! See the colours of the petunia flower and then select a healthy petunia plant and finally buy it and bring a magnificent wonder of nature to your home. Enjoy the colorful flowers of petunias.


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