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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beautiful Flowers on Cactus Plant

Cactus as well all know are not loved by many and also not seen except for the cactus lovers' homes! yes there are a few people who are crazy about different types of cactus and they have a garden full of different cactuses! Each cactus plant is unique and they also go through different stages in their life as other palnts. Some have red flwoers, some pink whereas some beautiful shaded ones. Some cactuses flower once a year whereas some develop flowers once in life time while some flower under special conditions only.

Flowers on Cactus Plant
We are very lucky to have this beautiful flowering cactus plant that has fresh deep green leaves and at first glance it does not look like a cactus plant at all. It is only when you observe closely behind the green foliage that you see the stem coverd with thorns. These thorns are very sharp and thick and one has to take extra care to protect yourself from the sting of these thorns.

The flowers on this cactus plant come up usually many times and in fact it is seen as a flowering cactus all year round. The blooms look white when they are buds and later develop in to yellow small flowers. As time progresses the flowers increase in size and the peach colour with yellow shading develops in all the flowers on this cactus plant.

Close up of Flowers on Cactus Plant

During the rains this cactus plant had become somewhat still and no growth was seen. But just after the rains the grwoth phase has begun and this will remain till the next arins.
Tip for flowering of cactus plant- Keep it trimemd and avoid direct sunlight, though some amount of direct sunlight is requried for flowering.
Care of cactus plant- Avoid over watering as you will drown the paltn and it will becoem mushy and die. The stem has lots of stroed water so you need not water htis cactus every day, I do wate rmy cactus every day since it has been kept on open terrace garden

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