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Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 Easy Growing Purple Flowering Plants

Liliac Purple Flowers
Lavendar Coloured Flower

Among the easy growing and low maintenance plants we have two very famous and easily available plants. Are these geraniums? We have a plant that has peach red coloured flowers growing in bunches and geraniums are available in many colours. I wonder whether this is also a geranium having liliac flowers.
These flowers grow in bunches and look fresh for many days and as the number of flowers is more you see the plant as always full of blooms. They require the normal fertilizer as for any flowering plant

Purple Coloured Flower

This morning glory plant having bell or trumpet shaped lavender flowers grow sometimes as climbers or if trimmed as bush. The only maintenance they require is trimming if the plant grows randomly. This lavender coloured flowering plant grows well covering trellises with beautiful purple flowers and also looks good as sideways in the garden. You can trim this plant in any shape according to your requirements of space filling. These purple flowers have yellow center and always look fresh and pure.
Watering requirements are important and the plants grow healthy in well draining soil. Over watering must be avoided as the roots rot and the plant will die if there is over watering. Avoid growing in full sunlight as the blooms will wither sooner than when the plant is grown in indirect sunlight. I have observed that when the plants are grown in partial shaded area and get morning sunlight then the plants look beautiful and fresh liliac is a soothing and spiritual colour.
The plants can be grown by using cuttings and also as rooted plants from mother plant. Though many times I have been finding it very difficult to grow any plant using cuttings, not that I have stopped trying, but I prefer new plants as they have already rooted. When you need to plant a new one by cuttings the procedures are a bit complicated and also require some knowledge and care during the starting of roots on new plants. Many times my plants have begun sprouting new shoots but due to over watering the new plant dies off as it has weak roots and also does not have the strength. A rooting hormone or fertilizer is good and can start new growth faster in cuttings of any plant.
Seeds can also be used to grow plant and they can be got from mature flowers after drying. But the flowers have to be matured on the plant and enough time given for seeds to develop without falling off of the flowers.
These 2 plants having lilac purple violet coloured flowers are very easy to grow and are a welcoming break from the monotonous green of majority of plants on your terrace garden.
Thank you so much for your love and support to Garden Care Simplified!If you have any doubts, queries and issues with your container plants do comment on my blog posts, I will surely guide you, answer with love!
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