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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seeds and Seed Pods of Cyprus Vine and Vishnukanta Climber

The climate dropping to cooler temperatures there are many plants that go in dormant state. This year has been very good in terms of seeds and I have collected Cyprus vine, blue bell flower vine and also day lilies seeds in plenty. With bulbs becoming slack and the cold temperatures with dry winds I am hoping to get a bloom with my Amaryllis. The Brahma Kamal plant too looks fresh but is not growing like wild which I want it to.

Fast Growing Climber with Blue Flowers
This is the fastest growing Vishnukanta climber which can grow quite tall within fifteen days of planting if it gets the right conditions. Grow the blue flowering climber with a strong vine or cord near it for support and the climber will grow very fast.  
Seed Pods Hanging on Vishnukanta Climber
One can let the seed pods of blue flower climber to dry on the vine itself but there is tendency for the pods to open and spread the seeds by wind. Hence I take care to cut the pods some when they are dry and some when they are green but care has to be taken to check whether the seeds have developed into the green pods as cutting of pods as they appear , many times you may end up with empty pods without any seeds.
Blue Flower Climber Seed Pods

Close up of Seeds of Blue Flowering Climber

 Another beautiful fast growing climber is Cyprus vine which gives a big booty of seeds. The seeds dry on the climber and are transferred by wind and as spring comes you see the climber growing in each and every pot. As the climber matures it is glowing with red trumpet shaped flowers which look like little bells in Christmas.
 Red Flowering Cyprus Vine

The Dried Seeds of Cyprus Vine in Husk

Close up of Single Pod of Cyprus vine seeds
 I take care to keep cutting the dried seed pods carefully as the seeds may fall of leaving the dry husk empty. The seeds of Cyprus vine look like rice except they are black in colour.
How to grow Cyprus vine from seeds- The seeds do not require much care for growing into new plants. Use a potting mixture of some fertilizer and soil and sow the seeds few inches deep. If the seeds are planted too deep they may not sprout and also if they are at the surface the plant may not develop strong roots. As this Cyprus vine has to grow tall and climb it needs to develop a strong and firm base root system.

Close up of Black seeds of Cyprus Vine
 With a good booty collection of seeds I think of planting them with the support of a trellis as they will cover the whole trellis very fast and also give privacy and act as a screen between the outside world and our garden.
The best part of growing a climber is that they add drama and height to your terrace garden or any garden. Climbers are an very important part of any garden design and a must for breaking the monotony of plants growing in pots.

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