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Monday, October 10, 2011

Talk Sing to Your Terrace Garden Plants/ Happy Terrace Garden Cure

Plants are living beings just like us and they also have their way of expressing themselves. Some plants curl inwards to express fear and harsh environmental conditions whereas some just splurge with blooms to express their good health and happiness.
Our Terrace garden has given loads of experience in observations and experiences with different emotions of plants. Yes it is true if you try to observe them and connect with them they sure talk with you, may not be in your language but they have their own language of expression. When a plant is sick you get the message that it needs care and sometimes a plant sends a message of pests and problems it is facing and if you observe closely you get the answer.
Plant care is a very important aspect of terrace gardening in fact any plant needs care if they are in container or soil. Plants are living and they have hunger for feedings of fertilizers, water and also care. There are hardly any plants that will grow without water or sunlight and though the tough ones do not require much daily care there are some who are used to pampering!
It has been proved that plants respond to music and also your emotional state will affect how your plants are growing. Watering is another aspect that needs to be taken acre of for having healthy terrace garden plants. Keeping regular timing for watering will also help your plants to grow in a regular and healthy manner.
Like we do not like an unkempt look, think of your plants in the same way. Keep the dried leaves trimmed and in shape so that your plants look cared for. Many times conversing with your plants will also help them to connect to you and after doing Reiki I have learned that plants also respond to Reiki energy very well. The diseased plants need care and medications and usually I go in for home based pest control means as I do not prefer pest sprays that kill the pests and also the plant!
I have read that giving each plant a name is the best ways to treat them individually and also like a special member. In feng shui the plants that are grown in a feng shui garden and has been grown following the principles of feng shui helps to maintain the good feng shui of your terrace garden. Keeping in mind certain important principles of feng shui your terrace garden can become a special and relaxing place.
Your happy garden will cure you of many ailments be it physical health problems or mental and connecting with nature will help you to be at ease. You will understand that you are not responsible for each and every thing, let some things for God. Watching nature and opening of a flower will make you understand that there is a special higher force above, the universal life force, and you see how things take its own course of time. Flowers bloom and plants grow and sometimes even on loads of care a plant just does not grow so we learn a very important lesson from gardening that let nature take its own course.
Each plant will require different care and you can club some plants with similar needs of sunlight and watering. But remember each plant is different even though belonging to the same breed and I have learned this the hard way. Love and care is irreplaceable and sometimes plants may do away with less care if they are getting your love. Talk to your plants and see the difference, but of course just take care to see lest your neighbours think you are ????

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