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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Increase Life of Terrace Garden Pots/ Care of Terrace Garden Pots

Every year during rains the garden looks fresh and green with all plants washed thoroughly  and fresh new growth every where all the pots are filled with many unexpected new growths that are of other plants or may have travelled with the wind.  But the  rains  are harmful for your mud planters. Many pots have been lost due to this problem as the mud pots become weak due to fungus and moss growth and they crack.
For preserving my precious planters I have come up with a unique solution. Paint them with cheap paints and you have an attractive planter and also your garden looks unique and great  with colorful pots.

Close up of Plant Pot with Moss Growth

Moss Growing on Plant Pots
 Scrub the pots with sand paper or any rough cloth and remove the dried moss and fungus growing on the pots. This will give you a clean surface to paint and also help to keep your paint brush clean as when you paint the remaining dust and moss will stick to the wet paint brush and make the painting difficult.
Easy  Hand  Painting Garden Pot
 Metallic colours though costlier than other plain colours look very attractive and also increase the beauty of the plant.
Close up of Painting Garden Pot

A  Hand Painted  Garden Planter
Garden containers can be painted in any colour that you like and oil paints are easily available in the market      also cheap. With daily exposure to water and harsh direct sunlight your terrace garden pots will start looking dull and also crack after few years. I have learned this way to preserve the pots and also maintain a attractive terrace garden.
Containers and pots are very important and ceramic planters are tough but very expensive and it is not possible to have many ceramic pots for your terrace garden. You can go in for cement planters that are tough but look unattractive with the grey dull colour. Hand painting these planters will make them look attractive and unique and also increase their shelf life.
Even plastic containers for terrace garden plants can be painted easily and in any colour of your choice. Red, blue, black, yellow, green, brown, silver I have tried every colour and also maroon and purple yes even a purple pot looks very attractive with the cream and green ribbon grass growing in it. Shading with different colours also can be done to make attractive coloured pots for your terrace garden.

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