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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Minimum Maintenance Terrace Rock Garden

With working life styles people are finding it difficult to take out time for gardening. Many friends when they see our garden mention that they love to plant but do not have the time. Well I would say do not make time as an excuse for not getting your hands in the soil!
Rock Garden

Cheery Yellow Canna Flower
If you want to you can and it really does not take so much of your time as you feel it will. If you are not a person with a green thumb and also a busy working couple then you can choose low maintenance plants for your garden. There are many simple designs available on the internet for having a low maintenance garden. You can opt for garden ornaments that require minimum maintenance along with water features or a bird bath and decorate it with rocks. A rock garden is great idea for low maintenance garden theme. Also plants that are planted in a rock garden require less water and usually are of succulent types which require minimum care. Select fleshy plants that store water and also darker coloured leaved plants as they require leas sunlight and water.
Low Maintenance Cycus Plant
Keep sturdy plants that will not require your daily care except for few watering and that too must survive when you skip sometime. You can get information regarding such plants from your nursery or friends and also on garden websites. Select a tough plant that has green tips and growing leaves are visible. Avoid purchasing plants that are insect eaten with holes or looking sick, the fact is they may bring along the insect and the deterioration will continue till the plant dies. Start with simple foliage plants as flowering plants require care and feedings regularly to be in bloom.
There are also pots and containers that are decorated with stones and coloured chips for making them an attractive focal point in your terrace rock garden. There is no rule to lay out a rock garden and you must go with your instinct and personal choices and wait and watch your garden bloom. If you like flowering plants then do take care to select plants that flower in the evenings as most are day blooming and by the time your each home you may have a lost flower!
You will get good sizes of rocks that are coloured and can be used to make garden design and arrangements. If you are good at this then go ahead or else you can hire a professional to plan your rock garden for you.
Rajnigandha plants are the best, I love the heavenly fragrance along with Champa flowering plants and the mogra and chameli flowers that will refresh you after a days hard work and make coming home to your terrace garden pleasant and welcoming experience.
Fragrant Mogra Flowers

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