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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sleeping Leaves of Gulmohar Tree Flame of the Forest

This is a major breakthrough in terrace container gardening. Many people are still awe struck by the sight of gulmohar blooming on a terrace and that too in a container. With each compliment I just can't help myself but be proud like a proud mom seeing a baby at its best! touch wood!
 The gulmohar having blossomed in May 2011 for the first time since the past five years and with each phase the leaves become yellow and drop. Then come out fresh lime green coloured leaves and the plant grows one step at a time. I have been observing the guilmohar plant closely and after talking, cajoling and of course spanking it had bloomed last May.
The Sleeping Leaves of Gulmohar Plant
The gulmohar leaves start curling and closing as evening sets in. Every day as the sun begins to set so do the leaves go in nocturnal mode. You can actually see the leaves closing together and sleeping. Then as morning approaches they again open as if they are waking up. This is a great site as you can see and feel that they are alive and this gives us the awareness that plants are living beings just like us, they have feelings and they do respond to love and care!
The process of yellowing of leaves has begun in October now and the leaves are dropping, it looks like it is shedding old leaves to make way for new.

Yellow Leaves of Gulmohar

Leaves Shedding Porcess in Gulmohar Tree

As the leaves drop so do the stems start dropping one by one. Sometimes the plant may look absolutely barren and for the first time gardeners they will feel they have lost their gulmohar. Even I had gone through these thoughts when the gulmohar had dropped leaves and stems but as time progressed I saw new fresh shoots and leaves coming up, on a higher height than the previous ones. The gulmohar plant grew in height just like a baby grows with each passing year.
Am hoping to see the flame of the forest at its best with red flowers again.

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