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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Cinderella Story Say it With Flowers! my ornamental hand painted trees

Living my fantasy the Cinderella story
Flowers, and flowers, every where!
Artificial and real, flowers are so beautiful and just from the heart, simply speaking volumes!Marriages and functions have become interesting and magical with flowers decorations and floral arrangements.  So many attractive floral arrangements. Like a fantasy , living your dreams! So I did just that! There was this very beautiful flower bicycle and I got myself clicked!
Childhood fantasies can be lived, with flower arrangements and what more they are artificial and real combos!so no fear of allergies and flowers going stale!
One of the major part of any decoration,we see flowers ruling the decor element in any party and function.
Cinderella did not ask for a prince., she asked for a dress and a night out! a story of hope, dreams, and belief in magic ! Life celebrating uniqueness, the real beauty comes form the talent,grit, courage.and of course the dress!
inspiration came upon from my princess Gown dress , first one, living ,dressing for myself!
Meanwhile painted in year 2000, where art began, inspiration the very auspicious lucky Gulmohar tree, painted so many, have saved a few precious ones and put them on sale at olx.
Hand painted bottles

hand made home decor items, vases and ornamental trees

hand made home decor items, vases and ornamental trees

Takes me more towards childhood stories, so much was said with flowers. Interesting theme for our garden, some day maybe!
Yup, fantasy gardens are so sweet, themed gardens,   they take you into another world, life is about celebrating each moment!Keep the magic alive!
Thank you so much for your love and support to Garden Care Simplified! Wishing each one of you Happy Gardening from Rizwana!
The Pathway of Roses Rizwana Mundewadi

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