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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Simple Practical 9 Tips for Garden pests Mixture! How to prevent diseases in your garden container plants

These tiny creepy worms!
Beware of the garden pest,especially during winters when the sun is low, they attack!The photo is of a wild jungle tree during a trekking trip and was amazed to see so many of them! Tiny feet, and groups , no wonder they destroy the whole forest!
Burning  old art and paper
 Sharing a practical workable tip for protection of container plants from many pests and diseases.
After losing so many of them...over the years with terrace container gardening...luckily my anger and outburst of burning my old paper paintings was a blessing in disguise!
With obsessively painting there were so many ,  and as I continued to paint, there was less space ,so I burned them, and with my love for symbols, just did not want to throw the ashes. I had read about people adding mulch,  newspapers to soil for gardening but never tried this till a few years back.And it works!
It works wonders!
making a mushy mixture of ashes
How -the process is important- that will give great results!or you may kill them!
1) Tear the papers in tiny pieces, this helps them burn faster. This tip helps for the final product you get as tiny pieces bring a great mixture.
2) Avoid glossy magazines
3) Burn in space that is free from hazard too life. See that children are safe and protected and also if they see you do very carefully explain about risks of fire.
4) Do not put dry ashes in plant containers.It will form a layer over the soil and rot. also the plants will not get water due to this layer and they will wilt , and don't say I didn't warn you!
5) Always make a mixture of ashes , mix some water and make this a mushy , more of a liquidy mixture and not thick dough.
6) Add over the top layer of your garden plant containers.
7) two days loosen the soil and mix the mixture into the layers of soil. for better absorption.
8) Better to have plants in sunlight, or more sunnier place for avoiding pest attacks. 
9) You will see your plants will be protected from pests and also give  out large sized blooms! especially roses and mogra! mine did!
Did you use this technique for pest protection and how did it work? do share!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Garden Care Simplified

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