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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Early Risers Fresh Blooms and Why I plant colours! Feng Shuii for Gardens!

Spider lily flowers
 The beginning of new year has brought some more insights in my life gardening over with so many years, and why I always am attracted to colours, being an artist for seventeen years and knowing the importance of colour in life as also being a feng shuii guide and practicing and reading a lot of feng shuii, ...colours are life.
I have also shared that feng shuii gardens have to be balanced according to the Ba Gua map and you can choose colours , shapes, of plants to bring in best feng shuii in your garden.
Orange Aboli flowers 
 Yes,   you can grow your garden in anyway, but if you follow the feng shuii elements theory, you will notice immense difference in harmony, peace and wealth in your life. Relationships miraculously work out well, you attract fame, you feel the energy and power of a refreshing garden.
Button Roses Pink 
 Simply follow the Ba Gua, you can get more information on my Feng shuii blog. 
Just about any sector your garden falls, try to harmonize it with feng shuii choice of plants. There are so many, I am so attracted to colours and flowers, that we have over the years tried and planted almost all colours of different varieties of flowering plants, of course, those who can bear the sunlight from my open terrace garden!
I have loved them and they always love me back manifolds!
Cactus flower Euphorbia Milli
 Crown of thorns, evergreen shrub, always loaded with blooms, all year round. Sharp thorns, very dangerous, be really careful in handling and trimming. The flowers are actually bracts at the tips, looking like flowers. The petals, are also very mushy and hence it can live for years without much care. yet,  it only flourishes in homes that it chooses, many still are unable to grow this Goodluck plant of Thailand.Commonly also called Christ plant.
Goodluck plant of Thailand Euphorbia Milli

Buds of fragrant white Spider lily flowers 

Dawn from my home, my little space under the sun!
I am an early riser, in fact I sleep less, it was a realization that came years ago, of course we do get up for dawn, morning prayers and this habit of five times prayers everyday  has helped me maintain health and focus in life.the inspiration quote... " there will be more of sleep when I am dead"
You will realize that gardens are best during early morning, you get to experience the magic of fresh lime green leaves opening up... flowers ready to wake up from their folded buds and these moments cannot be described in words, they are almost surreal, magical! Roses when freshly bloomed have the best of fragrances as also mogra, jasmines and spider lillies, the atmosphere goes full of freshness , it not only purifies your nasal passage s, you feel refreshed and full of energy, tot take on your day! make it a habit to wake up early, you will get to experience the freshness of greenery. It may not be a large garden, even your window garden plants, spend a few minutes with them as you wake up and begin your day, see how life transforms. Plants give you so much love, no doubt, I call them family!
Art has changed my life, Reiki has been a blessing from Universe, year 2000, transforming my life, unfurling it , layer by layer, gardening is such a precious hobby that not only teaches you love but also discipline and pure attachments.
Plants have soul plants communicate, and you can sense the love they give. As we were planning to shift to a bigger place, without a open terrace, I am trying my best to take each one of them, will surely find a way, I love them way too much!
Garden Care Simplified
Succulent Jade Feng Shuii Wealth Plant
Thank you so much for your love and support to Garden Care Simplified!If you have any doubts, queries and issues with your container plants do comment on my blog posts, I will surely guide you, answer with love!
 Like , share,  comment, for the love of Gardening!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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