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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is This Gulmohar Tree with yellow Blooms?

The owls have decided not to oblige me with a snap, and my efforts to search for them are not still successful. With the loud noises coming for the complete night time till early morning, they are staying in our society at night only and on searching in the day they were not to be seen anywhere.
Gulmohar Tree
With my obsession with the flame of the forest, Gulmohar I have successfully grown the gulmohar in a container. Last season in May we welcomed our first gulmohar flowers on our gulmohar plant grown in a container. I have noticed another variety of flowering plants that look almost similar to gulmohar trees, but they flower on small bushes. I wonder whether this is the same plant but the blooms are some what different and smaller. The flower petals are the same with one yellowish orange petal and other red petals.

Close up of Gulmohar Flowers

Attractive Gulmohar Flowers on Flame of Forest Tree
The colours are very bright and fresh and almost a welcoming sight in these chilly winter season here. They have more of yellow colour in their petals. Yes this is the gulmohar tree but has flowered sooner , I think due to the trimming of bushes it has been encouraged to grow from sides in from of a bush. Great to have gulmohar flowers on a bush. And your can also touch and feel the flowers at this height, but the true beauty of flame of the forest is only when observed from far and top, it is a red carpet of nature, especially in summers!
Gulmohar Tree Planting Tips in Containers- With success in making my gulmohar tree bloom in container I do wish to see more of this beautiful flowering tree everywhere. The main important trick is to trim the top shoot from the tip and make the plant grow branches from sides. Keep controlling the growth of the gulmohar in your container. Use hard and rocky soil mixture with more of good quality soil. Keep feeding the plant with fertilizer as their requirements in containers will increases as compared to when a tree is grown in soil. But we were lucky without any care the gulmohar has bloomed but only after five years after planting it. Use a good quality metal container as this gulmohar tree has tough roots and it will spread very fast, and using a plastic or mud container it will crack very soon and you will need to transplant it in another container. So at first select a metal container and large enough for the tree to grow and bloom. And it is also true that gulmohar plants growing in soil show very fast growth as compared to plants growing in containers.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Colourful Petunias- Bring instant colour to your garden

With the sighting of owls in our society every one is scared as in Indian culture beliefs there are many superstations on this. The owl is a beautiful bird and we have the variety which is endangered the barn owl that is white in colour. Looks almost heavenly like and angel on wings. The owl has nested and has four babies that fly at night and we did have the friendly visitor, though for a few seconds and I could not capture it on my camera. Better luck tonight! So with eagles, king fishers, bulbul, sparrows, mynas, crows, pigeons and of course the alexandrine parakeet who decided to stay with us, we have another welcoming bird from paradise the owl. The season has brought a welcoming change in form of colorful petunias. These flowering plants are my favorites as they bring instant colour to your garden or window sill.
Petunia Flowering plants

The winters and dry garden colours these plants are a sure welcome in form of bright and colorful flowers that are big enough to draw your attention. petunias are available in many colours like red, blue, purple, pink, white and also there are many of the shaded variety.
Purple petunia flowers

Magenta petunia flowers

Petunia plants

Purple flower in garden

Colourful petunia flowers

Close up of petunia flower
Petunia care- These plants are easy growing plants that grow in full sunlight and can tolerate partial shade. The bright green leaves and the colorful flowers look like a scoop of ice cream topped on the green cone. These plants are best grown in hanging baskets and require a well draining soil. Over the years we have had red, purple, blue, pink, white and also many shaded variety of petunia plants.
They can be planted by sowing seeds in late winter so that you get welcoming flowers at the onset of spring. With flowering season from  January to June in India these flowers are seasonal plants and till now have not survived the rains with me. Every year I make it a point to plant new flowering petunias to bring instant colour in my garden. the winters become boring in the garden and these colorful petunias bring a highlight in from of colours in my garden.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart shaped Potato

Nature is also a very good teacher. This rare shaped growing potato is of heart shape.Heart shape being considered very lucky as a symbol of love this potato sure has some heartful message of love.
lucky heart shape in potato

There are so many shapes seen developing in potatoes and those who specialize in growing potatoes would know more about this. Potato Plant disease or abnormal growth this shape sure made my day!
Scraped skin of herat shaped potato
 I did wet the potato and scrape the skin to see whether the potato was okay , and yes it was sweet and edible. just lucky!
Heart shaped potato

Dried Tree with new growth Use a Dried Dead tree for Great Plant Arrangements

Dead Tree, dried, was a sad sight, yet standing majestically tall in our society complex. What a beautiful sight, after years, it has begun fresh. Climbers and creepers can be grown using dead dried trees as support and they are so beneficial with a natural support. 
So someone added a pothos and a elephants ear vine and the plant began to give out symbols of life. and very happy to say it has given out its leaves, a Peepal tree!
After so many years, more than ten! that is nature! that is life! that is Great positive company affecting life!
Dried Tree
New growth on dried tree
I have also painted some roots and cut parts of a gulmohar tree that was cut off for safety reasons by society, and it still is a part of our family. Dead and dried trees have beautiful natural forms and can be used in creative decorative plants and flower arrangements.
Peepal Tree growing from base
Climber finds home on dried tree
Have a Great life Ahead! Rizwana!
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Golden Pothos extra Large leaves
Acalypha hispida ornamental plant red coloured leaf

Golden Pothos, Extra Large Money Plant

Golden Pothos or devils ivy are heart shaped leaf climbers. With heart shape to shaded leaves there are many that love these plants for their easy maintenance and growth. As these money plants are shade loving they are the first ones to be selected as indoor plants. Any amateur plant lover can select and grow the money plant without much care. These plants can grow very well indoors and with only water.
Money Plant growing on tree

When these pothos pants get a support they climb many heights and can take over the garden immediately within few months. Silver pothos, devils ivy or golden pothos are very prominent and seen covering walls of gardens or any big host trees.
Large leafed Money plant

Golden pothos growing on tree
Money plant grown indoors and in water will develop light green leaves and since this is a  climber it will need some direction. It is best grown in hanging pots. The shading variety of golden pothos looks very attractive as they have yellow shading which shines in bright sunlight. the colour of leaves develops according to the sunlight exposure of the plant. Bright indirect sunlight is best for healthy growth of this climber.
Important tip for growing golden pothos -Keep the soil moist.

Acalypha hispida, Red Coloured Leaf Ornamental plant

Jacobs coat, copper leaf, beef steak plant or in botanical terms Acalypha hispida is a easy growing shrub which is very often seen in landscapes as borders or beautiful red coloured centers. The plant requires less care and grows in partial shade or full sunlight.
Ornamental plant growing in partial shade

Copper leaf plant in sun

Ornamental plant in shade

Jacobs Coat ornamental plant

Feathery Stigmas of Copper Leaf plant

Shaded Red leaf ornamental plant

Copper Leaf Plant in landscape Borders
This red leaf ornamental plant is selected for its beautiful coloured leaves. With easy growing and surviving in any conditions this is the right choice for any gardener. The plant grows red feathery stigmas which are seen in female plants. The red leaf shrub will need trimming when it grows and this is done with sharp plant cutting scissors. This plant can be grown in any desire shape by trimming the excess leaves and is an important addition in plant designing and landscape.
Care of Copper leaf plant- The red colours of leaves develops only when they get adequate amount of sunlight. Other wise the plant looks shriveled with small leaves as new growth. Watering is also important as over watering is not good for this plant and it will develop root rot and die. Fungus attacks and pests is another issue as the plant sometimes contracts disease and white ants or flies and may go barren. Pests eat up the leaves and make them like a wire mesh. If not cared for the plant disease spreads over to the whole plant.
Best is to grow the plant in full sunlight to avoid disease attacks and also water only when the soil feels completely dry and firm.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful ornamental Leaf Plant

Ornamental Plant

wavy leaves of Ornamental Plant

This ornamental plant has green wavy leaves and grows without much care. The leaves are beautiful green and yellow shaded in colour and the wavy pattern makes it an idea plant for landscaping and garden design. The new leaves grow in pattern of flowers and look like green flowers on the tip of the stems. The edges of each leaf are wavy and with ridges.
This ornamental plant is selected in landscape, gardens and homes for its attractive shaped leaves and colours and of course the wavy pattern leaves.
An only draw back is that the plant is prone to attack by pests and very often we see plants with disease which is seen as dry netted leaves and insect eaten leaves. Sometimes the whole plant goes barren due to insect attack. Over watering is another issue as the plant rots and because of this becomes prone to fungus attack.
Care of ornamental plants- Most of the ornamental plants are shade loving plants and do not grow well in total full day sunlight. Indirect sunlight and some hours of morning or evening sunlight is best for their growth. Watering is another important factor for their healthy growth. Too much of water and clogged soil will rot the roots and the plant will not be healthy. Try to water during mornings so that the excess water is drained off and the plant roots stay dry during nights.

The Fragrant Parijat Flower Plant

Parijat or more commonly also known  night queen is a fragrant flowering plant. This plant is very famous for its heavenly fragrance that is prominent only during nights. When you have a plant growing in the vicinity its fragrance is spread far and you can recognize that there is a parijat plant growing nearby. As the evening sun sets the fragrance can be felt in the whole vicinity.
Parijat Flowers
 The parijat flowers are very beautiful and colourful. The off white flowers with orange bright stems look different from other white flowers and of course with their heavenly fragrance these flowers can be recognized easily due to their different unique colored flowers. When the flowers drop one can see a beautiful bed of flowers and the area surrounding the plant looks like a bed of flowers.
Parijat Flowering Plant

Heavy laden Parijat Buds

Night Queen Plant
There was a belief in olden days that snakes appear and live near any fragrant plant. I do not know how far this legend is true. As for legends even the champa plant it was the same but now we see many housing societies, office buildings and malls have planted these beautiful flowering trees. No harm in welcoming people with fragrances and that too very natural ones! The raat rani plant is different from the parijat plant though the plant looks similar and often termed as fragrant jasmine.
Parijat Plant Care- The parijat plant grows like wild once it takes root. I have seen huge plant full of beautiful fragrant flowers. The advantages of growing this plant is that it requires less water and grows without much care. Once  a year fertilising is good when grown in soil on land and twice a year for plants grown in containers.
Trying to grow this in container it is better to select a big pot. A layer of soil and then another of fertiliser at the base will give feeds to the plant for flowering well. The plant even in winters gives out pretty off white blooms when other plants are in hibernation  and very prominently you cannot miss out on these flowers due to their attractive orange stems of flower. The plant needs trimming as shoots grow in any direction. It is best to grow this plant in the shaded part of your garden which receives few hours of direct sunlight. But one can smell their fragrance only during evenings and nights, and with fresh wind blowing during winters at nights the nights become fragrant and pleasant, a plant really worth for its colored blooms!
"Fragrant Harmony"  Parijata Flowers.Reiki Symbol Painting by Raz!
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Original Bamboo Trees

Bamboo Trees

 Bamboo trees are a rare sight in cities and they are seen very often in private gardens or jungles having only bamboo plantations. The swaying bamboo trees look very inviting and make us feel very special and uplift the energy of that area. In feng shui it is considered very good to have bamboo trees in your garden.
Thick Bamboo Trees
 Growing bamboo trees is considered very auspicious in feng shui as they sway with the wind and make a pleasant sound. The lush green leaves at the top and the hard tall bamboo base makes this a perfect tree to be planted in the south east and south section of your garden. Since this area of your garden represents the big wood element having tall and big trees in this section makes very good feng shui.
Beautiful View of Bamboo Trees

Original Bamboo Trees

 I have also planted a original bamboo plant and am waiting for it to take root. I have seen this bamboo plants in containers at the main door or at entrances in offices. This original bamboo plant is different from the feng shui lucky bamboo plant which is in fact an grass that grows in any environmental conditions. Its survival instinct is the reason why it is called the lucky bamboo plant.

Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant

This original bamboo plants have wooden stems and there are leaves at the end of each stem. These are hollow from inside and are very tough and cannot be cut by hands and need special cutters for cutting. This is one of the reasons they are considered very auspicious in every home as Chinese and Tibetans believe that following the principles of bamboo in our life is leading a good life. To be hollow from inside and strong from outside is one of the success formulas for leading a successful and happy life.  You are ready to absorb knowledge and are open from within and when faced with any hardship you survive as strongly as the bamboo.
Planting bamboo trees in your garden will attract money luck when you have them in the south east or prosperity corner of your garden. You will also get a thick privacy screen without making a fence for your garden. Bamboos also look very good when planted in groups along roadways leading to the entrance of your villas or bungalows. But care has to be taken as it is difficult to cut these trees and you will need professional help to guide them according to your garden design. Thought his will take many years and these plants go on and on for generations to come! no wonder they are termed lucky plants.
The water features made out of bamboo are very good to be placed in your home or garden and I have to get one for myself. The serene feeling of slow trickling water creates a perfect garden with balanced energy and harmony in your feng shui garden. Flute and other objects and knick knacks made out of bamboo are considered very auspicious according to feng shui.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Close up of Crossandra Aboli Flower Seeds and Care

The aboli flower is considered very auspicious in India and is used in temples and as garlands. the beautiful shades of aboli, crossandra flowers ranging from yellowish orange to deep orange colours you see a variety of bright fresh colours in aboli flowers.
Close up of crossandra aboli flower

Especially dow south of india this flwoer is most grown for its religious imporatnce and its bright colurs. tehf lwoers will last for many days on the plant. The aboli flowers are thin and paper like and can be confused with silk flowers due to their deep and bright colours.
close up of seeds of aboli plant

Crossandra plant seeds

seeds of crossandra plant
Aboli Plant propagation is by seeds. It is very easy to grow crossandra plants and for me it was no effort at all. The seeds got transferred by wind and I had beautiful aboli plants coming up in many pots in my garden. The seeds on close observations look like rice in husk and usually after the flowering and falling off of the last flowers on the flower stalk the seeds dry on the same flower stalk. From here if you remove the dried seeds you can sow it in different pots. If you let them be on the plant the seeds fall off on their own and are transferred to adjoining pots in the garden.
The crossandra plant come up in few days and is a quick grower. It can grow in full sunlight and the blooms are bright orange peach coloured. The aboli plant is prone to fungus attack which is seen as white patches under the leaves of the plant. You can spray water over the plant and bathe it, but usually I have lost many plants due to this fungus attack and transplanting so now I let it grow wherever the seed has taken root. With losing aboli plants I was afraid it may become extinct in my garden, but the good news is that as an old plant dies there are many new ones coming up and smiling at me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sansevieria Cylindrica Ornamental plant

Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant

Close up of growth in Sansevieria Cylindrica
This beautiful Sansevieria Cylindrica plant growing in the wild without any maintenance and care. being a succulent plant this Sansevieria Cylindrica does not require much water and can grow in very hardy and rocky soil.
Sansevieria Cylindrica growing in Pot
Close up of Inside of Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant Leaf
This plant is usually selected for its beautiful growth in shape of fan. the long tubular stems are in fact modified leaves that grow tall from the centre. It is hard and looks similar to bamboo plant in green. As this is a succulent plant this does not require much water and grows in garden soil. The plant it seems flowers once a year in form of greenish white fragrant flowers in tubular shape.
The leaves are greenish gray in colour and grow tall and the best part of succulents is that they do not require much care and can grow in the dark corners of your garden where any other plant does not survive. This Sansevieria Cylindrica has helped to brighten my garden corner where I have not succeeded with many efforts of growing different plant and it looks quiet happy with erect and tall growth. Am waiting for the blooms!

Fan Shaped Cactus growing in Wild

Cactus plants are seen in many different types and I fell by chance upon this beautiful cactus plant growing in fan shape. Is this a plant mutation of some different breed of cactus family? or some cactus disease? Nature has its own way of preserving many species even without us knowing about them. Every cactus plant is a succulent plant and stocks water and energy within. Hence these cactus plants can do away with less water and grow without care. This cactus growing in the wild has its own beauty which is not noticed by the outside world.
Cactus growth Mutation

Close up of cactus Plant

Fan Shaped Cactus plant
Some people who specialize in cactus plants also mention cactus disease or abnormal growths seen in cactus plants. But the shape of this cactus is very attractive in a flower shape and each stem is like an opened fan or palm.
The plant does not have any thorns and is soft and mushy from inside. Growth is seen from sides and from the ground. Good as ornamental plant for any garden.

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