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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Original Bamboo Trees

Bamboo Trees

 Bamboo trees are a rare sight in cities and they are seen very often in private gardens or jungles having only bamboo plantations. The swaying bamboo trees look very inviting and make us feel very special and uplift the energy of that area. In feng shui it is considered very good to have bamboo trees in your garden.
Thick Bamboo Trees
 Growing bamboo trees is considered very auspicious in feng shui as they sway with the wind and make a pleasant sound. The lush green leaves at the top and the hard tall bamboo base makes this a perfect tree to be planted in the south east and south section of your garden. Since this area of your garden represents the big wood element having tall and big trees in this section makes very good feng shui.
Beautiful View of Bamboo Trees

Original Bamboo Trees

 I have also planted a original bamboo plant and am waiting for it to take root. I have seen this bamboo plants in containers at the main door or at entrances in offices. This original bamboo plant is different from the feng shui lucky bamboo plant which is in fact an grass that grows in any environmental conditions. Its survival instinct is the reason why it is called the lucky bamboo plant.

Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant

This original bamboo plants have wooden stems and there are leaves at the end of each stem. These are hollow from inside and are very tough and cannot be cut by hands and need special cutters for cutting. This is one of the reasons they are considered very auspicious in every home as Chinese and Tibetans believe that following the principles of bamboo in our life is leading a good life. To be hollow from inside and strong from outside is one of the success formulas for leading a successful and happy life.  You are ready to absorb knowledge and are open from within and when faced with any hardship you survive as strongly as the bamboo.
Planting bamboo trees in your garden will attract money luck when you have them in the south east or prosperity corner of your garden. You will also get a thick privacy screen without making a fence for your garden. Bamboos also look very good when planted in groups along roadways leading to the entrance of your villas or bungalows. But care has to be taken as it is difficult to cut these trees and you will need professional help to guide them according to your garden design. Thought his will take many years and these plants go on and on for generations to come! no wonder they are termed lucky plants.
The water features made out of bamboo are very good to be placed in your home or garden and I have to get one for myself. The serene feeling of slow trickling water creates a perfect garden with balanced energy and harmony in your feng shui garden. Flute and other objects and knick knacks made out of bamboo are considered very auspicious according to feng shui.

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