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Monday, January 9, 2012

Agave Plants

Agave plant

 Agave plants look like lily plants except when you go near them you can see that they have very sharp and pointed leaves. This agave plants grow in very hardy and rock soil and do not require much care. watering can also be skipped many times as the plants are succulents and can retain moisture in their leaves.
Agave growing in Garden
 The end tip of each leaf has very sharp pointed thorns and it is very dangerous to grow them at eye level. Hence lots of acre is needed when selecting agave for your garden. Unfortunately I had to give up on my agave plant as it is not a suitable plant for growing in small gardens. The agave require space to maintain their wide stature and with the thorns it is also not recommended in houses where there are small children or pets.
Succulant cactus Agave

 This agave plant has thorns and grows in hardy and rock soil. It is very good plant for landscaping huge areas and is usually selected for a raised corner or raised centre in your garden. The agave plant only flowers once and it dies after flowering. One of the reasons why I did part with this plant, though it grows babies very fast and before the old plant dies there are already new babies coming up.
Close up of Cactus Agave
The flowers of the agave are attractive and look and have similar growing style like a lily or amaryllis. A central thick stem  comes out which has buds and it produces flowers. Pollination by birds is very important for this agave plant.
Since it blooms only once in a year the life span of an agave is only for one year. The plant dies after flowering.
Growing tips and care for agave plants- Since there are many varieties of agaves people who love cactus plans also love agaves. There are people who have special gardens full of different types of agaves. The plant is best grown in circular container and I had grown this plant in a plastic tub. It looks very good in circular container and watering regularly the plant had grown very fast into a beautiful circular growth. Very important care is about the thorns which are not easily visible. Keep it above eye level and away from your close contact. When the leaves break there is a sticky fluid that oozes out and care has to be taken when handling agave plants. advisable to wear thick gloves while working with agaves.

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