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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012 with Plant of Prosperity Adenium

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Propserous 2012.
Adenium Goodluck Plant

 The adenium plant is in fact a bonsai plant that can grow in very small containers and do not require much care and watering. They can also be grown indoors near a window that gets few hours of indirect sunlight. This adenium plant is becoming more and more popular nowadays as the plant has very showy flowers that look exactly like silk flowers. The flowers are pink or white and pink shading in colour. We have the deep pink flowering adenium and usually the flower colour also depends upon the amount of sunlight the plant receives. 

The plant grows from thick rhizome that looks like a tree trunk. The branches grow as usual and the whole prosperity adenium plant looks like a tree. Hence it is considered very lucky and attracts good luck since it looks like a old tree which has been there for ages. It has history in the Tibet origin and here this plant is grown in every home as the people here believe this adenium plant is auspicious and brings good luck, wealth and prosperity for the family.
The adenium plant produces seed pods that have rice like seeds which are very tiny and delicate and need care to be grown. You can grow the plant with seeds, cuttings of the plant as well as rhizome of the plant. Requirements in form of sunlight and water are not so important but the plant does require some amount of daily sunlight to keep producing flowers. 
The adenium plant grows huge and can even outgrow the size of the container from above, but the roots are few and the rhizome keeps increasing in size with less spread of roots. It may look almost like a plant bulb and this may be visible from above the soil layer over your plant container. If you grow the adenium in a big container the plant can reach high and spread over a large span of distance. The adenium plant is for life long and grows for many many years and this is one of the important reasons it has been called the good luck plant or the plant of prosperity.
Tips for flowering in Adenium- one important tip is to let the plant be. This plant does not require any special acre and over watering and care will harm its growth. But do water regularly and though your nursery fellow will sell this adenium plant as indoor plant if you wish to see flowers allow it to get some amount of sunlight daily as this is a flowering plant and all flowering plants require full sunlight for many hours. For a feng shui garden this plant will be bets grown in the north or north west to activate the area of helpful people in your life. But if this area does not receive any sunlight then you can place the plant in any direction or place where it grows healthily. I had my adenium plant shifted in all places to find the best growing spot in our garden and now the plant is happy and also giving good blooms.
Another important point to mention about adenium plant is that the plant may not produce many leaves. Do not get the misconception that the plant is dried and dying. Many people also end up throwing away this beautiful plant and declare it dead! The plant has a lot of stored energy in its rhizome and sometimes the adenium plant goes in dormant stage after producing flowers many times. Let the plant be and continue regular watering during this phase. Sometimes the plant may also go all barren without any floors or leaves and this is not a case for worry. After the dormant stage passes the plant will soon produce new leaves and flowers. Usually this stage comes after the adenium plant has given plenty of flowers and seed pods. So the energy of the plant has to be conserved after this process and hence the plant goes in dormant state.
This beautiful plant will find a special place in your heart not only for its showy and attractive flowers but also for its symbolic auspiciousness as prosperity plant.
Thank you so much for your love and support to Garden Care Simplified!  Happy Gardening!
If you have any doubts, queries and issues with your container plants do comment on my blog posts, I will surely guide you, answer with love!

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