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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Close up of Crossandra Aboli Flower Seeds and Care

The aboli flower is considered very auspicious in India and is used in temples and as garlands. the beautiful shades of aboli, crossandra flowers ranging from yellowish orange to deep orange colours you see a variety of bright fresh colours in aboli flowers.
Close up of crossandra aboli flower

Especially dow south of india this flwoer is most grown for its religious imporatnce and its bright colurs. tehf lwoers will last for many days on the plant. The aboli flowers are thin and paper like and can be confused with silk flowers due to their deep and bright colours.
close up of seeds of aboli plant

Crossandra plant seeds

seeds of crossandra plant
Aboli Plant propagation is by seeds. It is very easy to grow crossandra plants and for me it was no effort at all. The seeds got transferred by wind and I had beautiful aboli plants coming up in many pots in my garden. The seeds on close observations look like rice in husk and usually after the flowering and falling off of the last flowers on the flower stalk the seeds dry on the same flower stalk. From here if you remove the dried seeds you can sow it in different pots. If you let them be on the plant the seeds fall off on their own and are transferred to adjoining pots in the garden.
The crossandra plant come up in few days and is a quick grower. It can grow in full sunlight and the blooms are bright orange peach coloured. The aboli plant is prone to fungus attack which is seen as white patches under the leaves of the plant. You can spray water over the plant and bathe it, but usually I have lost many plants due to this fungus attack and transplanting so now I let it grow wherever the seed has taken root. With losing aboli plants I was afraid it may become extinct in my garden, but the good news is that as an old plant dies there are many new ones coming up and smiling at me!


  1. Oh wow, those are pretty flowers. Nature is so beautiful, ah, I love it! I want to just plant those flower seeds all over my yard!

  2. Thanks for the comment. yes sure do as they look too good,

  3. Thanks for info . can you post me the seeds of orange aboli plant . its my long time fantacy and craving to wear gajra of this follower in my hairs.

    1. Ratna, Thank you for liking my blog! yes the gajra, hair decorations look so Awesum, I too love these but never wear it on hair as I suffer from migraines,, Try searching for in your neighborhood, I am sure you will find a plant in local plant nurseries!
      Hope you find one soon!


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