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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Big Fern Plants

Fern plants are seen in most places growing in hanging baskets and even in our garden the fern plant was grown in big tubs and it looked like a green water fountain! I have come upon big fern plants that grow in landscapes and gardens. Also going by the wild,  ferns can be seen in jungles and thick growth can be noticed with huge leaves. It is the same fern plant that is grown in containers or a different one?
Large fern Plant
 This fern is a different variety and as we have different palms we also see a variety of fern plants. this plant has big leaves and grows in large containers. the plant circumference is also large and grows best when given more surrounding space.
Leaves of Large Fern Plant
On close up the leaves are definately large and each leaf has small leaflets and this grows like a tree with its branches falling in circle shape. Usually this plant is grown in offices at entrances and in big gardens to make focal points or central placements in the garden.
Fern Plant care- This big fern plant requires less water and can grow even in hardy soil. The difference between boston fern and this fern is that the colour of leaves are dark green in this plant and also large leaves distinguish this plant from the other fern plants. This fern is grown in large places as the coverage of this plant is more so if you have a small space this plant will look out of place. In a small window sill the plant may either look too large or the tips of leaves may become brown due to friction with the glass and the plant will be under nourished.
Water this plant regularly and grow the plant with indirect sunlight to maintain the original colour of the plant.

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