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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Different Coloured Leaves on Show Plant

Light Green Leaves Plant
With showy and easy growing plants this plant is not left behind. You can see many homes and offices sport this showy light green leafed plant. The plant has lime green leaves and can grow into a big plant when not cut or trimmed. '
With bushy growth this plant has helped to cover up any area for privacy and can be seen in most places where there is some hours of sunlight daily. The plant does require few hours of direct morning or evening sunlight. As this plant does not require much care but daily watering is required and a well draining soil is a must to avoid root rot and cloggy soil.
This plant will only root when it gets a firm soil and once rooted it will continue growing without much care. the beginning few days are important after you buy this plant as it is the time for the plant to get adjusted to your soil and environment.
The show plant is very beautiful with peaceful green lime coloured leaves that look heavenly amongst the dark greenery of your garden. It looks like silk as the shade of the leaves are not seen in many plants.  It also looks wonderful to have two different coloured leaves on the same plant. The leaves are lighter than the Chinese evergreen plant leaves and also of different shape and size. The new leaves that come up are of light colour and as the leaves mature the leaves turn to a darker shade of green. The plant can be grown in the centre or corner of your garden to create a focal point in your landscaped garden. It will also act as  a privacy screen when grown in a window box or on your window sill.


  1. Hello Polestar welcoem to garden care Simplified, I am very bad at names! This one is similar to Poinsettas in Green. This is an Ornamental plant. Will find out, All the Best from Rizwana!


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