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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flower Shaped Plant - Cactus Plant Growing from Center

Flower shaped plant
This plant is I bet another succulent plant that requires less water and care variety of cactus the plant is usually selected for its shape of growth, that is the plant looks like a flower. Only on close observation do you realize that this is a cactus variety only smaller and grows with central leaves growth pattern.
Growing similar needs plants in a corner of your garden will not only give an attractive feature in your landscape but also help you with your watering system for plants. All plants requiring similar needs can be clubbed together in a group so that it is easy to care for them. Any landscape is not complete without succulent plants and forming a group of cactus plants in low traffic areas of your garden will give a focal point and also without much care of watering. Rock garden and dry areas can have many different varieties of cactus plants and this plant is especially selected for its attractive display. The leaves growing like a flower almost similar to the lotus flower, except this lotus flower is green!
This plant also requires some hours of direct sunlight and can be grown easily on a window sill where you get early morning or evening sunlight. The plant has a leaves that are of grey green colour and grow in central form. The leaves have tiny spikes on its edges that are only seen on close observation. This plant looks very attractive when grows in bunches in a pot. Take care to grow cactus plant away from your body and eyes level, especially when you have small children or pets in the house.
Tips for care and growth- watering too much is very bad for the roots and the plant will leave the soil and become weak. But it is not easy to kill this plant as this will remain alive for many days even outside the soil on its own, my own experience! So important tip is to have the plant firmly in the soil and take care to avoid over watering till the plant develops firm root base.
After planting a new plant try to water the plant from the sides and do not splash over the centre of the plant directly as this will supply large amount of water to the roots directly which is not good for your plant.
Learn to grow this cactus in groups as this will look beautiful as a pot of green lotus flowers!


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